Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
What's New in 2008.1.2

The following sections list and describe the changes made to the Wwise SDK between version 2007.4 and version 2008.1.2. Changes between 2008.1.1 and 2008.1.2 are shown in italic.

API Changes

  • WG-9320: Several changes made to the plug-in API: AK::IAkEffectPluginContext::GetBypass() method removed. AK::IAkEffectPluginContext::GetProcessLFE() method removed. AK::IAkPlugin::Execute() method changed signature. AK::IAkPlugin::ProcessDone() method removed (was present for PS3 platform only)
  • WG-8202: AK::SoundEngine::Wii::ActivateRemoteSpeakers function prototype changed. AK::SoundEngine::Wii::ActivateRemoteSpeakers now returns an error code and this error code must be checked by the game.
  • WG-9885: Functions have been added/modified in the SDK API. AK::SoundEngine::StopAll() now takes an optional parameter allowing you to stop only the specified game object. AK::SoundEngine::StopPlayingID() was added to the SDK. This function allows you to stop the playback that was initiated by a specific call to post event.
  • WG-10578: Added AkPlatformInitSettings::threadMonitor to allow user changes to monitoring thread properties.

New Features

  • Number of effect slots on a voice, mix bus and master control bus has been increased from 1 to 4.
  • Switch and Random-Sequence containers are now supported as parents of the Blend container.

Behavior and Performance Changes

  • WG-8774: Fixed notifications when loading a bank while simultaneously doing an async unload of the same bank.
  • Matrix Reverb processing optimized on the PC and XBox360 platforms.
  • Switched to the Tremor codebase for Vorbis decoding on PC, which uses less memory.

Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-9471: Fixed crash on AK::SoundEngine::Term() while state transitions are still occuring.
  • WG-9459: Fixed C90 compiler warning on PS3 in Wwise_IDs.h
  • WG-9423: Wwise now reports an error when a file is not written on disk due to read-only access during SoundBank generation.
  • WG-9304: Improved responsiveness of the Game Object Explorer window when connecting to a game.
  • WG-9007: Better sorting of the information in the profiler tabs.
  • WG-8475: Limit on the number of children of a Random-Sequence container has increased from 128 to 65535.
  • WG-8297: Fixed: Unused Wii-motes speaker emits a hiss sound when a sound is played on another Wii-mote speaker.
  • WG-9387: Add include <malloc.h> to AkFilePackagerLUT.cpp
  • WG-9342: Add Wwise Object Path for Events and Dialogue Events in SoundBank Contents File
  • WG-8298: Fixed: BIQUAD and LPF effects cannot be applied on sound already playing on the Wii-mote speaker.
  • WG-9466: Fixed: Wii build: warning identifier expected in AkTypes.h (2 places)
  • WG-9394: Fixed: missing exports for AK::SoundEngine::Query methods in AkAudioEngineDLL.dll
  • Fixed: AK_PS3 define used without being defined in AkPlatformFuncs.h
  • WG-9891: Fixed: Wwise crashes when saving the project after deleting an effect.
  • WG-9892: Fixed: A Soundbank that contains no voices may be tagged as "Mixed" and be generated in the language-specific folder.
  • WG-9893: Fixed: Blend container with multiple children within a sequence or random container may ignore trigger rate.
  • WG-9896: Fixed: Sound engine crashes when trying to log an Insufficient Memory error after Monitor was term()ed.
  • WG-9897: Fixed: Interactive music crash when deleting any to any transition.
  • WG-9899: Fixed: Random-sequence container with trigger transitions : Invalid rate.
  • WG-9901: Fixed: SDK Doumentation :The initialization snippet of the default Stream Mgr should include AkStreamMgrModule.h.
  • WG-9902: Fixed: Random source starvation on Wii when playing ADPCM looping sounds.
  • WG-9904: Fixed: Sporadic crash in music engine, generally when a State change is pending.
  • WG-9905: Fixed: Music engine : Fade offset not set in MusicSwitchCntr when using a play action with a fade, and starting state points to nothing.
  • WG-9906: Fixed: InteractiveMusic Content Still present after terming the music engine (assert + crash on exit).
  • WG-9529: Fixed: Crash when converting an XMA file.
  • WG-10299: Extensive rework of Wii playback system – lots of fixes.
  • WG-10573: Fixed: Source Starvation when using Vorbis with certain settings.
  • WG-10578: Fixed: Monitoring freezes Wii game when Sound Engine is under stress.
  • WG-10795: Fixed: Sounds may not play, with the reason specified: Priority was too low, in situations where the maximum number of instances was not yet reached.
  • WG-10796: Fixed: Assert and crash when playing back interactive music on the Wii.

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