Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
What's New in 2009.2.1

The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2009.2 and version 2009.2.1

API Changes

  • WG-15587 Rewritten Audio Input Plug-In
    • Uses callbacks to poll the game for audio data (see SetAudioInputCallbacks)
    • Now supports fully programmatic instantiation, without an Event in the Wwise Project (see PlayAudioInput, StopAudioInput)
  • WG-15637 Added bIsAutomaticStream boolean to AkFileSystemFlags (defined in IAkStreamMgr.h). It is now possible to know right in IAkFileLocationResolver::Open() if a file will be used by a Standard or an Automatic Stream. The main difference between the two, from the point of view of the Low-Level I/O, is that data transfers occur in the device's I/O pool in the case of an Automatic Stream, and never does in the case of a Standard Stream. This difference may be important for some devices. For example, the VRAM device on the PS3 relies on the fact that the destination memory is mapped so that RSX transfers may occur. The CAkRSXIOHook sample has been updated accordingly.

Behavior and Performance Changes

  • WG-15668 Optimized memory usage when running Wwise from the command-line, by not instantiating the search index

Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-15322 Fixed: Fadein and Fadeout of a play and stop actions do not propagate when used with a Trigger Rate transition
  • WG-15602 Fixed: (Wii only) Sounds smaller than 384 samples do not play, even if they are not looping. Non looping, in-bank sounds now play regardless of their size. However, the 384 sample restriction still applies for all sounds that are looping, streamed, or used in interactive music. When the restriction occurs, a "file too small" error is displayed in the capture log, instead of "invalid file header".
  • WG-15603 Fixed: Deadlock possibility when using PostEvent with callbacks
  • WG-15620 Fixed: Race condition between CAkActionActive::AllExec and ClearBanks
  • WG-15632 Fixed: (Wii only) Rumble doesn't stop when wireless communication is flaky

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