Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Complete Changelist

The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2010.2 and version 2010.3.

Platform SDK updates

  • PlayStation 3: updated to SDK 350.
  • Xbox 360: updated to XDK 20209.1 (September 2010).

API Changes

  • WG-18420 IAkStdStream::SetStreamName() and IAkAutoStream::SetStreamName() now accept an AkOSChar* instead of a wchar_t*.
  • WG-18264 Removed AkDeviceSettings::uIdleWaitTime, which was deprecated in Wwise 2010.2.
  • WG-18267 Removed AkIOTransferInfo::uSizeTransferred. Low-level I/O hook implementations do not need to set uSizeTransferred anymore. If they return AK_Success, it means that the size transferred was equal to the size requested (AkDeviceSettings::uRequestedSize), so this additionnal operation was useless.
  • WG-18286 Removed function Init() of \SDK\include\AK\Tools\Common\AkListBareLight.h.

New Features

Sound Engine:

  • WG-18276 Major performance optimizations in convolution reverb can be obtained by using new threshold parameter
  • WG-17245 Stream Manager devices now have the ability to cache file data in their Stream IO pool. When a cached buffer is found, no transfer to the Low-Level IO is required. This is particularly helpful with RAM/VRAM devices streaming small looping sounds.



  • WG-16966 SoundFrame now expose the object path for Events, Dialogue Events and Game Syncs.

Behavior and Performance Changes

Sound Engine:

  • WG-18136 Vorbis: looping and seeking are now sample-accurate.
  • WG-18262 Optimization: Reduced memory required in the Default Sound Engine memory pool.
  • WG-18379 Reduced CPU usage when seeking in vorbis files with large seek table block size.
  • WG-17717 Stream buffering is more efficient with small streamed sounds, and uses less IO memory.


  • WG-18221 General Performance was improved when converting a low number external sources at command line by minimizing the overhead of the Wwise startup.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-18126 The authoring tool executables and DLLs are now built using VS2008.
  • WG-18129 The sound engine is not built and shipped with VS2005 anymore. Win32_vc80 and x64_vc80 platforms have been removed.

Bug Fixes

Sound Engine:

  • WG-18388 Fixed: Deadlock possibility when multiple thread block on a full message queue
  • WG-18220 Fixed: possible stability issue when Wwise connects to the game.
  • WG-18438 Fixed: (PS3 only) Random crash when coming back from virtual (elapsed time) when started as virtual by a sample-accurate container in vorbis.
  • WG-18344 Fixed: (Wii only) Streamed mono PCM and ADPCM files may play bad data when streaming memory is full.
  • WG-18240 Fixed: Interactive music child switch delayed transition not scheduled when parent transition ends up not being scheduled.
  • WG-18302 Fixed: Notifications randomly not working on Motion sounds.
  • WG-18292 Fixed: Possible crash when generating banks while the option "Generate max attenuation info for events" is enabled and the target of a play action is reported "Missing".
  • WG-18386 Fixed: Possible source starvation at end of stream when using Vorbis
  • WG-16800 Fixed: Stream buffering not accurate with sounds that have a looping region. Looping streams with loop regions used to consider that all data of the stream buffer crossing the loop end was valid, resulting in smaller effective buffering than expected. This could result in source starvation at each loop. It does not apply whole-file loops.
  • WG-17636 Fixed: Streamed Vorbis files may stall indefinitely if some of their packets are larger than the streaming granularity. This is more likely to occur with very high quality settings, and very small streaming granularity. They now fail on start up.
  • WG-18432 Fixed: Vorbis on Playstation 3 can sometimes hold on to more streaming buffers than necessary
  • WG-17800 Fixed: an I/O transfer may be flushed for nothing right after file header is parsed, from time to time. This results in a waste of I/O bandwidth.
  • WG-15481 Fixed: SetVolume action that is applied to a bus may be applied twice when the bus also contains an effect.
  • WG-18448 Fixed: (Wii only) Rare assert in AkVoicePlaybackCtrl.cpp that can occur if a music segment playing a Vorbis audio clip is sought and terminates in the same audio frame.
  • WG-18459 Fixed: Source starvation notifications not reported with interactive music if the audio clip starved so much that it was stopped by the music scheduler before it even started playing.
  • WG-18489 Fixed: Streamed ADPCM sources may be truncated by a few samples at the end (Windows and Xbox 360).
  • WG-18492 Fixed: Sounds playing in multiple environments does not use proper control value (PS3).
  • WG-18526 Fixed: Connecting a project on a meter effect may cause the meter effect to stop driving the associated RTPC.
  • WG-18578 Fixed: Possible crash when using MeterFX plug-in in 5.1 configuration on PS3.


  • WG-18435 Fixed: Context Menu can appear twice in Mixing Desk under some scenarios.
  • WG-18301 Fixed: In Advanced Profiler, Stream Tab, the sort of the column File Size is not working correctly.

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