Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Important Migration Notes (2010.3)

Please refer to the Installation and Migration Guide for general advice about migrating projects to a new version of Wwise.

Multiple State Groups Per Object

In addition to the multiple states per objects, a few functionalities were removed from the state group feature-set. Your project will be migrated accordingly and you should review the following items:

  • Global state properties do not exist anymore. In 2010.3, it is not possible to define state property values in the State objects directly. State property values now only exist on the object where it's being used. This simplifies the state model and increase usability on the system. Global states are automatically migrated to states values instances where they are being used.
  • Absolute states do not exist anymore. Absolute states were removed to simplify the state model, and to avoid potential conflicts when using multiple absolute states within a single object. Absolute states are automatically migrated to relative states by considering the current volume/pitch/lfe/lowpass of the object. There is a potential lost of data that can occur during the migration in this specific scenario: When the volume/pitch/lfe/lowpass of the object is unlinked and that absolute state values are found for the object, only the linked value will be used for the migration from absolute to relative, since states can't be unlinked.
  • Disabled states do not exist anymore. Because the global states do not exists anymore, the disabled states were not relevant anymore. Disabled states are automatically migrated to relative states set to zero.

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