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Wwise SDK 2022.1.4
Complete Changelist

The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2011.2.X and version 2011.3.

New platforms supported

  • Android
  • WiiU™
  • PlayStation®Vita

Platform SDK updates

  • Xbox 360: updated to XDK 20871 (August 2011).
  • PS3: updated to SDK 370
  • VITA: updated to SDK 1.03
  • iOS: updated to iOS 5.0 (apple llvm compiler 3.0)
  • MAC: using apple llvm compiler 3.0
  • 3DS: updated to CTR-SDK 2.4.0

New Features

  • WG-19991 Music custom cues now notified in the Wwise profiler.
  • WG-19898 Improved notifications of stingers and music transitions.
  • WG-19870 Added the Wwise Gain plug-in.
  • WG-19867 The Tone generator plug-in can now optionally output directly in the LFE channel, allowing simple LFE generation."
  • WG-19836
  • New command-line operation -SoundFrameServer starts WwiseCLI in Sound Frame server mode, so that Sound Frame clients can extract project information without requiring user intervention.
  • Now possible to specify the process ID of both Sound Frame Client and Server, for scenarios where multiple instances of both can be present at once on the same PC.
  • New Built-In Macro 'WwiseExeProcessID' in SoundBank generation steps enables Sound Frame use from custom steps.
  • WG-19494 Music notifications | Pass Cue name (description) in Music Cue callback.
  • WG-19245 Wwise Authoring crashes can now be reported to Audiokinetic via the Error Reporter
  • WG-19232 New fast API Query function - Retrieve PlayingID from Object. See AK::SoundEngine::Query::GetPlayingIDsFromGameObject
  • WG-19231 New fast API Query function - Retrieve Object from PlayingID. See AK::SoundEngine::Query::GetGameObjectFromPlayingID
  • WG-19230 New fast API Query function - Retrieve EventID from PlayingID. See AK::SoundEngine::Query::GetEventIDFromPlayingID
  • WG-18843 Several new interactive music features. Music Clips - Fades and Automation
  • WG-17792 Now possible to query from the soundframe if an Event (or a Dialogue Event) has Voice/Language specific Content. See AK::SoundFrame::ISoundFrame::EventHasVoiceContent and AK::SoundFrame::ISoundFrame::DialogueEventHasVoiceContent
  • WG-17539 Now possible to include Dialogue Events in a SoundBank Definition File using the new '-DialogueEvent' command.
  • WG-6432 Transition segments in transition rules do not force the destination to start at the entry cue. For example, it is now possible to perform a "Same Time as Playing Segment" between two music objects, and insert a transition segment in between.

API Changes

  • WG-20192 Removed Init() from AkListBare.
  • WG-19966 Added new overload of AK::MultiCoreServices::DspProcess::SetDspProcess supporting the jobbin2 job type.
  • WG-19836 New method ISoundFrame::Connect must be called for the Sound Frame client to attempt connection (this used to be automatically done inside AK::SoundFrame::Create).

Behavior and Performance Changes

  • WG-20125 New option to log errors returned in custom pre/post bank building steps. When severity is set to "fatal error", the bank building process will not complete when an error is detected.
  • WG-20029 Double-clicking on target object in Event Editor now inspects it.
  • WG-19945 Music switch transition behavior more consistent with option "Continue To Play On Switch Change".
  • WG-19931 The advanced setting "On return from physical voice" default value changed from "Restart from beginning" to "Play from elapsed time".
  • WG-19890 When performing a "Same Time as Playing Segment" music switch transition, the effective position of the destination is wrapped around its duration. For example, if segment A is twice as long as segment B, and you switch from 75% of segment A, destination position will be 50% of segment B.
  • WG-19861 Remove LFE separate control from Wwise. The LFE management has been enhanced. LFE separate control was removed and is now considered as a normal channel like all others. From now on, the LFE volume is now entirely bound to the Generic Volume property. Separate control of the LFE will now be possible using the Wwise Gain Effect. All controls driving the LFE will be lost during the migration.

    That change will fix a large number of known issues and is making the volume behavior more easily predictable for all users.

  • WG-19841 Rendered effects processing is now multi-threaded. Playback of converted files in Wwise now uses the rendered effect instead of the real-time effect.
  • WG-18010 Improved music switch transition cancellation.
  • WG-18009 Improved music switch transition cutoff mechanism: when any kind of music switch transition occurs, the following segments of the exiting playlist are not heard, or are faded out right away.
  • WG-20027 Connecting to a profiling session file is now much faster.
  • WG-19619 Fixed: Switch container memory usage is not scaling well with many switch values.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-20131 StopPlayingID, StopAll and ExecuteActionOnEvent API calls are now reported in capture log.
  • WG-20066 The "char" version of AK::Monitor::PostString() now interprets it as an UTF8 string.
  • WG-19826 Added Visual Studio 2010 SoundFrame sample projects in SDK.
  • WG-18646 Migration Note: Property Value for non-unlink properties are now saved in an XML attribute instead of a XML element.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-20265 Fixed: Meter UI refresh rate was slow in Wwise UI in low activity conditions.
  • WG-20198 Fixed: A stream may not start playing if only one stream buffer is ready even though there is enough data in that buffer for prebuffering.
  • WG-20195 Fixed: Stack overflow in music engine (CAkTimeSequencedItem::GetNextBucket()) in some circumstances.
  • WG-20189 Fixed: Package Low Level IO doesn't support external sources with file IDs
  • WG-20181 Fixed: Stream leaks when running out of Stream Manager pool memory while allocating data for low-level deferred open.
  • WG-20173 Fixed: Wwise UI sometime freezes when connected to the game and capturing in a very specific condition.
  • WG-20167 Fixed: A state change may be delayed indefinitely by a music object that is paused if this object or its ancestors or descendants listen to it with a "Sync To" that is not "Immediate". Likewise, when a state change is delayed by a music object, and this object is then paused, the state change is delayed until the object resumes or stops. The state should change as soon as the music object is paused.
  • WG-20161 Fixed: McDSP Futzbox is not applied on previous effects' tails when used in a bus on the PS3.
  • WG-20103 Fixed: A global "Resume All" action can erroneously pause a parameter transition.
  • WG-20100 Fixed: Problem when using PrepareGameSync mode and two or more events are pointing to the same switch container and are prepared at the same time.
  • WG-20093 Fixed: McDSP Futzbox clicks at the end of sounds with some settings.
  • WG-20037 Fixed: Game Parameters on the Control Busses do not appear in the Init.txt
  • WG-20034 Fixed: Crash in CAkDeviceBlocking::ExecuteTask() when running out of memory in the small object Stream Manager pool while an I/O transfer is occurring.
  • WG-20025 Fixed: Possible crash when mixing multiple layers of Continuous Random containers interleaved with blend containers with multiple children.
  • WG-20022 Fixed: Shift-click in capture log jumps to random position.
  • WG-20018 Fixed: Step Switch container under a blend container will prevent some sounds to play if no sound is assigned to the current switch at the moment of the playback.
  • WG-20002 Fixed: PrepareEvent calls the wrong Free hook in the release build when releasing prepared media.
  • WG-19974 Fixed: Transitions added or removed from a music object's transition list may be ignored at run-time.
  • WG-19965 Xbox 360: corrected buffer management in XAudio2 output voice.
  • WG-19961 Fixed: Assert if soundbank name is larger than 64 characters
  • WG-19957 PS3: Freeze when shutting down during init
  • WG-19930 Fixed: ExecuteAction on event of type "Break" were not breaking sounds.
  • WG-19929 Fixed: Dynamic dialogue callbacks have the eventID equal to the playingID
  • WG-19892 Fixed: Synchronization point music notification (AK_MusicSyncPoint) not notified when reaching sync point of "nothing"
  • WG-19889 Fixed: Stinger pre-entry does not play.
  • WG-19871 Fixed: Sound engine init crash when failing to allocate resources.
  • WG-19866 Fixed: Unloading bank containing Convolution IR on a playing Environmental FX is not returning immediately.
  • WG-19864 Fixed: SetVolume actions on the wii/3DS on master bus may not work if no sound is playing.
  • WG-19855 Fixed: Possible crash in low memory conditions when seeking XMA Files.
  • WG-19854 Fixed: Audio is sent to wrong environment when using multiple sounds on multiple environments on PS3
  • WG-19852 Fixed: PS3: memory access out of bounds in MixN job
  • WG-19847 Fixed: Possible crash in interactive music when a transition segment was not loaded when required. Fixed: Inconsistent volume on transition segments when the segment was in a separate music hierarchy.
  • WG-19843 Fixed: Possible memory overrun when calling QueryAudioObjectIDs().
  • WG-19828 Fixed: Event Prepared messages in profiler log were set too early in the process.
  • WG-19823 Fixed: When a property fades is interrupted by a pause action, it may take a lot of time to restart after it is resumed.
  • WG-19821 Fixed: Inoffensive ASSERT in interactive music while changing state after having paused during a transition that uses a fade out in some circumstances.
  • WG-19816 Fixed: Pausing interactive music does not pause fading transitions.
  • WG-19814 Fixed: Pausing interactive music on Wii and 3DS causes loss of synchronization.
  • WG-19776 Fixed: Loss of audio when connecting headphones.
  • WG-19765 Fixed: Wwise Connect history was always displaying 3DS as not available even when it was available.
  • WG-19752 Fixed: McDSP effects can use wrong sample rate when rendering multiple effects from multiple threads.
  • WG-19734 Fixed: Streamed interactive music audio clips coming back from virtual voice may produce a click.
  • WG-19683 Fixed: Issue where random containers containing less sounds in some languages would fire blank on these non localized sounds instead of playing them.
  • WG-19425 Fixed: Abrupt LPF changes while sounds are virtual are sometimes causing small glitches when returning to physical voices.
  • WG-19346 Fixed: A situation where Wwise command line tool would still try to generate banks after an error occurred during the import definition file process.
  • WG-19333 Fixed: Matrix Reverb doesn't work on NGP (real fix)
  • WG-19332 Fixed: Occasional deadlock while loading soundbank on Xbox 360
  • WG-19114 Fixed: Default RTPC Value change were ignored when remotely connected to a game.
  • WG-19096 Fixed: Playing new sound in Wwise may reset in-progress state transition.
  • WG-18878 Fixed: The transition segment has Invalid properties when its parent is an unreferenced playlist
  • WG-18465 Fixed: 0.1 (LFE) sounds were erroneously mixed down to the Mono channel when generating banks on platforms that do not support LFE.
  • WG-17863 Fixed: Inoffensive assert and bad random behavior with "Standard" Random Step groups in interactive music playlists in some circumstances.
  • WG-16142 Fixed: Now displaying Default values of the RTPC value in the GameSync Monotor if none was set.
  • WG-15250 Fixed: On Wii, possible glitch when pausing a music segment
  • WG-9959 Fixed: A problem where when a bank passes from the localized bank folder to the SFX root folder, the obsolete bank in the localized folder was still being used by error. Now the obsolete bank is automatically deleted to avoid confusion.
  • WG-20072 Fixed: 3DS Effects not registered by AllPlugin helpers Bug Fix Added 3DS effects to AllPluginsRegistrationHelpers.h and AllPluginFactories.h
  • WG-19858 Fixed: Possible crash with continuous switch container when game object is unregistered when playing silent switch.
  • WG-19850 Fixed: Moving the entry cue of a segment now moves the whole content of the segment. Hold the CTRL key to move freely the Entry Cue without moving the segment's content.
  • WG-19837 Fixed: "Too many segments" notification posted when there are 64 segments playing or scheduled concurrently in a playlist, instead of when there are 64 segments scheduled concurrently in the same audio frame.

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