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Wwise SDK 2022.1.4
New Features

New Platforms

Wwise adds support for:

  • Android
  • WiiU™
  • PlayStation®Vita

Feature enhancements to these new platforms will continue in future releases.

Altiverb "Outdoor & More" IR Package

Audiokinetic and Audio Ease have partnered to distribute impulse responses packages for the Wwise convolution reverb. The first package contains 49 IR where more than half of them are outdoor environments. Quality outdoor IR are difficult to record and consequently very rare. Having these IR from Altiverb offers a level of realism for sound designers that was not previously accessible. Other IR included in the package cover domestic rooms and vehicle interiors such as cars and helicopters. Visit our website for the complete list of IR included in the package.

Keyboard Shortcut Manager

Customize your workflow with more than 100 keyboard shortcuts.

Music Clips - Fades and Automation

Reusing and customizing music clips is now easier with the addition of clip fades and automation curves.

Music Transitions

  • Transition: Cue names can be used to specify precisely where to jump in to a destination music segment.
  • Stingers: Cue names can be used to specify at which custom cue exactly the stinger should be triggered.
  • Callbacks: Callbacks return the name of the cues to the game which opens up new gameplay possibilities.

LFE control merged with main volume control

The LFE channel is now controlled from the main volume slider. Consequently, all distinct LFE controls have been removed from the SDK and the user interface (LFE faders, attenuation curve, action, states, RTPC, etc.). This modification results in a simplification of Wwise code which was necessary for future improvements to the voice pipeline.
To set the LFE channel to a different level than the other channels, the new Wwise Gain effect can be used.

Wwise Gain Effect

The new Wwise Gain effect applies from -96 dB to 24 dB of gain independently to the 5.0 and/or LFE signal.

New Wwise Installer

The new Wwise Installer allows for the complete download and installation in a one step operation directly from the website or offline. It's also faster and more flexible than before.

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