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Wwise SDK 2022.1.4
Complete Changelist

The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2011.3.1 and version 2012.1.

Platform SDK updates

  • PS3: updated to SDK 410.
  • Wii U: updated to CAFE 2.02.

New Features

  • iZotope Effects now available for Wwise on Windows and Xbox 360. Including Hybrid Reverb, Trash Filters, Trash Distortion, Trash Multiband Distortion, Trash Box Modeler, Trash Dynamics, Trash Delay.
  • Nested Work Units. Hierarchies of nested work units can now be created in Wwise and organized in physical folders.
  • Unity Pro Integration support new platforms: iOS, Mac, Xbox 360 and Windows.
  • Software rendering pipeline on Wii U which leverages all features available on the other software platforms like the Xbox360 and PS3.
  • Recording profiling data without using the authoring tool, using the new AK::SoundEngine::StartProfilerCapture API.
  • Limited Wii U DRC audio support.

API Changes

  • WG-13738 Source Control Plugin (Perforce, SVN) API change. See Source Control API change for details.
  • WG-20468 Source Plug-Ins: added support for plug-in media. A Plug-In can now hold more than one item of Plug-In Media (media index > 0 are now supported).

Behavior and Performance Changes

  • Wii U basic software pipeline is now optimized (decoders, resampler, mix). About 3x to 4x performance improvement, comparable to XBox performances (sometimes better!).
  • WG-20421 Fixed: Wwise was possibly taking very long time to close a Wwise project if the project contained a lot of audio input sources.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-20449 Fixed SN Compiler warnings in low-level IO PS3.
  • WG-20555 iOS | Missing files in level 2 source code.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-20221 Fixed: Rare crash in CAkMusicSwitchCtx when running out of memory in the default pool.
  • WG-20346 Fixed: Unable to load short RSX package names (smaller than 4 characters, without extension) with sample implementation of RSX device (PS3).
  • WG-20351 Fixed: Crash in Installer while trying to install or modify.
  • WG-20415 Fixed: Compiler warnings in IBytes.h and POSIX/AkPlatformFuncs.h.
  • WG-20428 Fixed: Crash in Event Manager Page.
  • WG-20445 Fixed: Crash (division by zero) in some circumstances when playing a music object from the authoring tool.
  • WG-20479 Fixed: AK::MusicEngine::Term() does not return if music is still playing.
  • WG-20480 Fixed: Continuous mode may cause Wwise authoring to crash when some node has nothing to play.
  • WG-20487 Fixed: Out-of-memory error when loading bank containing music structures, after loading a mismatching init bank.
  • WG-20510 Fixed: Possible Crash when having multiple nodes in continuous mode in the same hierarchy splitted by switch containers in continuous mode.
  • WG-20511 Fixed: Interactive music does not stop after pausing an ongoing stop action with fade out.
  • WG-20535 Fixed: Possible crash when editing name in project explorer.
  • WG-20537 Fixed: Crash in the source control plug-in manager.
  • WG-20538 Fixed: Crash in Perforce source control at Wwise shutdown.
  • WG-20543 Fixed: Possible memory leak on 3DS in the Release build only when using the Prepare Event mechanism.
  • WG-20571 Fixed: Wwise is unable to play files converted to PCM if they were produced by tools that use a WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE chunk with a FormatTag equal to WAVE_FORMAT_PCM.
  • WG-20577 Fixed: Crash in AkExternalSourceArray::Create() when out of memory.
  • WG-20616 Fixed: Sound routed to environmental bus does not play if its wet volume is initially under threshold but the dry volume is over the same threshold.
  • WG-20648 Fixed: Occasional crash when connecting or disconnecting to UnrealEd running on same PC as Wwise Authoring.
  • WG-20665 Fixed: Deadlock possible when executing bank callbacks from game thread
  • WG-20643 Fixed: Crash when disconnecting SoundFrame client
  • WG-20596 Fixed: Gain plugin is not part of RegisterAllEffectPlugins

Bugs fixes for Wii U

The Wii U is still in development. Please check Wii U Known Issues in the Wii U specific section for more information about the state of things on this platform.

  • WG-20484 Fixed: Wii U limited to 1 effect per object (should be 4).
  • WG-20448 Fixed: Memory leak when terminating the sound engine on Wii U.
  • WG-20499 Fixed: Wii U | Convolution reverb fails to initialize.
  • WG-20503 Fixed: Wii U | Sample source plugins are silent in software pipeline configs.
  • WG-20514 Fixed: Wii U Audio glitches alot.
  • WG-20530 Fixed: Crash when running Integrity Report on Integration Demo with the Wii U enabled.
  • WG-20548 Fixed: Crash when connecting to Wii U game, if the music hierarchy needs to be synchronized.
  • WG-20592 Fixed: Wii U profiling | Invalid value for output DC offset whenever a sound plays.
  • Fixed: Wii U Positioning Demo CRASH in DEBUG and is silent in PROFILE.
  • Fixed: Voice graph profiler exhibits some strange behavior in the Sound "Blue/Turquoise" effect box when profiling Wii U.
  • Fixed: Wii U 5.1 source fold-down to stereo is not done correctly.

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