Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
What's New in 2012.2.1

2012.2.1 is a patch release. The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2012.2 and version 2012.2.1.

Important behavior change

  • WG-21660 Fixed: WiiU output is twice too loud (+6dB). The output gain of the WiiU was mistakenly set to 2x for a long time. This can cause the output to clip or distort even if your project uses a Peak Limiter or the ML1 limiter. This patch brings the gain to 1 (i.e. no gain), therefore you might need to adjust your bus volumes up to compensate.

Platform SDK changes

  • Wii U: Cafe SDK 2.07.03 Patch 5


  • WG-21544 Optimize Auxiliary send bus creation system to not create auxiliary busses when the send level is under the volume threshold.
  • WG-21583 Improved performance of 3d positioning calculations.
  • WG-21597 (XBox only) Tuning of compiler optimization flags.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-21327 Fixed: (VitaHW) Wrong seek behavior when using "Seek" action.
  • WG-21467 Fixed: (Mac) AAC decoder crash on OS X Lion.
  • WG-21506 Fixed: (WiiU) AkIOThread m_hIOThread member doesn't respect 8 byte alignment. Makes WiiU crash if IO thread is restarted.
  • WG-21507 Fixed: (WiiU) Use the hardware setting for the audio config of the DRC. Support Mono output on TV.
  • WG-21508 Fixed: (WiiU) Crash in deferred IO for WiiU.
  • WG-21517 Fixed: (VitaHW) Too many markers notifications triggered.
  • WG-21543 Fixed: (WiiU) Link warnings with WiiU compiler.
  • WG-21553 Fixed: (VitaHW) Aux bus volume are not updated while sounds are playing.
  • WG-21555 Fixed: (WiiU) Network cannot be reinitialized.
  • WG-21558 Fixed: (WiiU) Resampling algorithm doesn't interpolate on the Right channel (but does on the Left!). Noise is induced.
  • WG-21570 Fixed: Tooltips are not behaving properly in Wwise Authoring on Windows 8.
  • WG-21573 Fixed: Stereo delay channel crossfeed results in unstable feedback.
  • WG-21596 Fixed: (WiiU) DRC Virtual Surround mode always process 6 channels, even when the game doesn't support it.
  • WG-21632 Fixed: (WiiU) Race condion when switching to background. One audio frame might still be processed causing crash in Roomverb.
  • WG-21639 Fixed: (WiiU) Can't rumble on all Wiimotes when the DRC is connected.
  • WG-21640 Fixed: (WiiU) Hang on exit when using the power button on WiiU.
  • WG-21660 Fixed: (WiiU) Output is twice too loud (+6dB).
  • WG-21667 Fixed: (WiiU) Deadlock triggered by CPU starvation.
  • WG-21716 Fixed: (WiiU) Race condition on initialisation of AX voices and AX Callback.
  • WG-21736 Fixed: (32 bit Windows and Mac) Silent output (NaN) in rare cases.
  • WG-21738 Fixed: NaNs in volume computation when using 2D positioning RTPC with some interpolation curves. Output is silent.
  • WG-21741 Fixed: NaN created in 3D User Defined positioning code, when multiple listener used, with No Follow Listener. Output is silent.

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