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Wwise SDK 2022.1.4
Complete Changelist

The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2012.1.1 and version 2012.2.

Platform SDK updates

  • PlayStation 3: updated to SDK 420.001
  • Xbox 360: updated to XDK July 2012 (21173.1), and updated projects to Visual Studio 2010.
  • Wii U: updated to Cafe SDK 2.07 and Multi 5.2.13
  • Windows: added vc110 configuration (Visual Studio 2012 RC)
  • PS Vita: updated to SDK 1.650

New Features

  • Auxiliary Sends : Complete auxiliary send system allowing to send portion of the signal to auxiliary busses for parallel processing. Refer to User-Defined Auxiliary Sends and Game-Defined Auxiliary Sends for more information.
  • Peak Meters: Peak Meters on busses, in 5.1. Refer to Meters for more information.
  • Volume Enhancements: Volume can go over 0dB. Refer to Volume Enhancements and Volume can go over 0 dB for more information.
  • Added new PS Vita platform with enhanced performances using hardware DSP decoder and effects
  • WG-16408 When selecting objects of multiple types, the Multi-Editor now displays all properties of all object types (in previous versions, only the common properties were shown).
  • WG-19391 The soundbank manager now remembers the expand collapse of the previous session.
  • WG-19391 The tree list controls now offers a expand all and collapse all via CTRL+click or by using the contextual menu over the +/-.
  • WG-20335 Custom Properties: it is now possible to add user-defined properties to Sound and Audio Source objects in a Wwise Project, and to query their value in-game. Refer to Custom Properties for more information.
  • WG-20572 Wii U: General memory and cache optimizations (OSBlockMove, OSMemSet, DCZeroMemory, etc)
  • WG-20349 Wii U: Implemented rumble on the DRC and Wii Remotes
  • WG-20359 Wii U: Wiimote audio is now supported (CAT-DEV MP only)
  • WG-20394 Vita hardware effects are now supported on auxiliary busses.
  • WG-20963 Wii U: Can specify the number of audio buffers with AkPlatformInitSettings.uNumRefillsInVoice for more resilience against voice starvation.
  • WG-21300 Support for Background mode (Home Button) on the Wii U. Use AK::SoundEngine::Wii::SetProcessMode to switch between the two modes. The IntegrationDemo demonstrates the home button support (look in Main.cpp).

API Changes

Environmental functions are replaced by auxiliary sends functions. The following functions are removed or replaced:

  • AK::SoundEngine::SetGameObjectEnvironmentsValues()
  • AK::SoundEngine::SetGameObjectDryLevelValue()
  • AK::SoundEngine::SetEnvironmentVolume()
  • AK::SoundEngine::SetEnvironmentVolumes()
  • AK::SoundEngine::Query::GetEnvironmentVolumes()
  • AK::SoundEngine::BypassEnvironment()

Refer to Environmental system is replaced by the Auxiliary Sends for more information.

  • WG-20357 API change: SetEffect() were replaced by SetBusEffect and SetActorMixerEffect(), user must call the correct one.
  • WG-20874 SoundFrame: GetGUID is now a method on ISFObject base interface.

Behavior and Performance Changes

  • WG-20928 Wii U: Optimized the PeakLimiter 4.4x. It takes 0.2% of CPU (0.06ms) for a mono sound. Between 1.1 and 2.8x for all other platforms.
  • WG-20929 Wii U: Delay effect optimized 2.3x. It takes 0.07% of CPU (0.02ms) for a mono sound.
  • WG-20986 Wii U: More optimizations for AkRoomVerb. Performance is now around 2.3x what it was with 2012.1.
  • WG-21261 When passing in_uSize == 0 to AK::IAkStdStream::Read(), the stream's status is now set to "AK_StmStatusCompleted" instead of "AK_StmStatusIdle".
  • WG-21303 Fixed: Sub-optimal cancellation of pending transfers when changing stream position, resulting in an I/O request sent twice.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-19808 Wii U: communication now goes through the USB-Ethernet adapter instead of HIO.
  • WG-20473 Upgraded TLSF allocator to version 2.0 in default memory manager.
  • WG-20811 Perforce SDK was updated to 2012.1 - fixing severe stability issues
  • WG-20148 Subversion SDK was updated to 1.7.5 and 64-bit was added
  • WG-20956 New sample project with documentation: Wwise Project Adventure.
  • WG-21448 Wii U: Communication (profiler): NC library usage was dropped in favor of AC library. Your projects should now link to nn_ac.a.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-18165 Fixed: Meter Effect output value is not reset to its minimum after a stop action.
  • WG-20618 Fixed: Wii U : convolution reverb is not working.
  • WG-20670 Fixed: Soundcaster and Contents Editor items have incorrect size when Windows locale is set to Japanese.
  • WG-20735 Fixed: Calling StopPlayingID with the AK_INVALID_PLAYING_ID has unexpected results.
  • WG-20779 Fixed: File Packager crash in 64-bit when using external sources.
  • WG-20780 Fixed: Crash when importing a SFX audio source into a Voice object in the Audio File Importer.
  • WG-20784 Fixed: Crash when launching WwiseCli with unknown language.
  • WG-20802 Fixed: Non-alphanumerical characters are not searchable under the Edit tab of the Soundbank Editor.
  • WG-20853 Fixed: Nested work-unit can become dirty after opening a project.
  • WG-20881 Fixed: Music Track Stream/Look ahead-time/Zero Latency/Prefetch length and their Link/Unlink state are not loaded from the preset.
  • WG-20882 Fixed: SFX Stream Zero Latency Prefetch length and its Link/Unlink state are not loaded from the preset.
  • WG-20883 Fixed: Limit Sound Instance "Per game object/Globally" dropdown value is not loaded from the preset.
  • WG-20884 Fixed: Position Source User-defined "Follow Listener Orientation" value is not loaded from the preset.
  • WG-20885 Fixed: Effects tab - Bypass All, Bypass and Render checkmark state are not loaded from the preset.
  • WG-20925 Fixed: Potential hang at the end of profiling session load.
  • WG-20954 Fixed: Play button is disabled in transport when connected (should use the game assets).
  • WG-21047 Fixed: Potential crash when closing Wwise and disconnecting from the game.
  • WG-21050 Fixed: Loss of audio when unplugging and replugging headphones on a particular hardware.
  • WG-21053 Fixed: Audio clip is not played back when moved from a music track to another while the segment is playing (live authoring).
  • WG-21107 Fixed: Glitch in interactive music when loading soundbanks that contain interactive music structures.
  • WG-21135 Fixed: Crash when using a multichannel IR in convolution reverb effect.
  • WG-21169 Fixed: Persistence issue when music clips have a duration of zero.
  • WG-21176 Fixed: Copying conversion settings can crash if the codec is not installed.
  • WG-21216 Fixed: SVN: comments in non-ansi characters are lost during commit operations.
  • WG-21240 Fixed: SpeakerVolumeMatrixCallback is not working properly in 2D if user code tries to modify volumes.
  • WG-21312 Fixed: State change ignored when applied to multiple levels of switch containers in the same frame.
  • WG-21313 Fixed: Child music switch containers ignore state changes towards "None" when their parent is performing a transition.
  • WG-21333 Fixed: Wii U: crash when 5.1 voices were sent to the DRC through the "Transfer Mode" (play everything on the DRC).
  • WG-21355 Fixed: Out-of-Memory errors do not appear correctly in the Capture Log.
  • WG-21356 Fixed: PS3: Memory corruption with multiple instances of Meter Effect on busses.
  • WG-21368 Fixed: Repetitive Perforce operations required when opening iZotope Box Modeler
  • WG-21379 Fixed: User Keyboard shortcuts are not loaded when starting Wwise.
  • WG-21382 Fixed: Crash in Keyboard Shortcut Manager when removing a shortcut binding.
  • WG-21412 Fixed: Wii U:Hang or crash when closing a game from the Home Menu on Wii U.
  • WG-21466 Fixed: Sounds with bus effects sent to DRC while DRC transfer mode is active don't sound the same.
  • WG-21507 Fixed: WiiU: Use the hardware setting for the audio config of the DRC. Support Mono output for TV.
  • WG-21526 Fixed: AK::SoundEngine::GetSourcePlayPosition returns negative value when sound has not started yet.
  • WG-21543 Fixed: Link warnings on WiiU with ConvertInternal symbol.
  • WG-21537 Fixed: Rare memory corruption involving random/sequence containers with sample-accurate transitions and wave file markers.

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