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Wwise SDK 2022.1.4
New Features

Game-Defined Auxiliary Sends

Up to 4 simultaneous auxiliary sends can be set per game object dynamically in the game, replacing the previous environment system.
Game-defined auxiliary sends allow to send a portion of the audio signal to a predefined auxiliary bus for parallel processing.

New SDK functions:

AK::SoundEngine::SetGameObjectAuxSendValues() allows to set auxiliary sends, per game object, by specifying the send volume and the auxiliary bus.

AK::SoundEngine::SetGameObjectOutputBusVolume() allows to set the main audio output bus volume, per game object, by specifying the direct volume to the bus.

AK::SoundEngine::SetAuxBusVolumes() allows to specify per speaker volumes, for a specified auxiliary bus.

Additionally, the game-defined send volume can be controlled directly in the general settings tab of any object in the actor-mixer or music hierarchy.

User-Defined Auxiliary Sends

Up to 4 auxiliary sends can be set to every objects in the actor-mixer or interactive music hierarchy. Auxiliary sends allow to send a portion of the audio signal to an auxiliary bus for parallel processing.

User-defined auxiliary sends are used to define static auxiliary sends directly in the authoring, as opposed to game-defined auxiliary sends which are defined and controlled dynamically from the game.

Volume Enhancements

Volumes are not limited anymore to a maximum of 0 dB. Volumes can now go over 0 dB everywhere in the hierarchies:

  • Actor-Mixer, Master-Mixer and Interactive Music Objects
  • States
  • RTPC
  • Set Volume Actions


Wwise now offers six channel (5.1) peak meters at the following places:

  • Toolbar (Master Audio Bus)
  • Property Editor
  • Master Mixer Console
  • Mixing Desk

The meters are available for the Master Audio Bus, the Audio Busses with effects and the Auxiliary Busses.

PS Vita Hardware

A new version of the PS Vita is now available (VitaHW). This new platform provides enhanced performances through the use of the PS Vita's hardware DSP decoder and effects.

Custom Properties

Wwise now allows you to define custom properties for Sound and Audio Source objects. Custom properties can be used to store your own metadata on Wwise objects. This data can be used for game data via the function AK::SoundEngine::Query::GetCustomPropertyValue() or can be used for project organization purposes through the following views:

  • Query view
  • List View
  • Multi-Editor

Custom Properties can be defined in the Project Settings.

File Manager enhancements

The Source Files tab of the File Manager is now using a tree control to show the list of files in a hierarchical way.
It is also now possible to submit changes directly from a folder using Perforce or Subversion, and recursively submit files.

Subversion now available in 64-bit

Subversion source control plug-in was updated to version 1.7.5, and is now available in both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations.

Wwise Project Adventure Handbook

New handbook and Wwise project by Damian Kastbauer.


While interactive audio continues to scale in complexity, certain implementation and workflow fundamentals remain the same. The Wwise sound engine and authoring application has been built from the ground up to support current and next gen audio integration in a flexible and dynamic productivity pipeline.

Building on the concepts explained in Wwise Fundamentals, the Wwise Project Adventure shows how to implement interactive and dynamic audio for a fictional game project. This comprehensive overview covers the process from start to finish, and the companion Wwise project allows you to take a hands-on approach to investigating the techniques. Whether you take a hands-on approach with the tutorial, or simply follow along in the accompanying project is up to you.

Wwise Project Adventure is intended for readers with some experience with digital audio in addition to basic experience with audio for games. Links to additional information to extend your knowledge into different areas of implementation are provided throughout this document. Wwise Project Adventure does not replace the user documentation, but instead provides a way to access the details through specific examples and illustrations of techniques using the Wwise authoring application.

Our case study is a fantasy adventure game set deep in a forest, with danger lurking at every turn. An occasional dungeon gives the hero an opportunity to purge the scourge that lies within its darkened corridors. Armed with a trusty sword and the steadfast courage to persevere, the hero follows the path to riches that lie just ahead on the horizon.

Welcome to the Wwise Project Adventure!

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