Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
What's New in 2013.1.1

2013.1.1 is a patch release. The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2013.1 and version 2013.1.1.

Platform SDK changes

  • DirectX: updated version used by Wwise Authoring to June 2010
  • PS3: updated to SDK 440.001
  • Xbox One: updated to April XDK QFE 4

Bug Fixes

  • WG-22987 Fixed: Wwise freezes when viewing the Edit tab of the SoundBank Editor for a SoundBank which has a Music Switch Track.
  • WG-22994 Use safe sprintf variants on Windows and Xbox360 in AK_OSPRINTF macro.
  • WG-22995 Fixed: crash when importing or opening a project that has a WAV file with 0 samples.
  • WG-22996 Fixed: crash in low-pass filter with a virtual voice in low-memory situation.
  • WG-23007 Fixed: wrong type for AkThreadProperties members on PS4.
  • WG-23008 Fixed: thread affinity ignored on Xbox One.
  • WG-23011 Corrected PS4-specific documentation in Japanese help file.
  • WG-23015 Fixed: crash in WObjectGroupList<T>::UpdateCombo when state/switch group is deleted.
  • WG-23019 Fixed: Wwise freezes when converting WAV file with extra data past end.
  • WG-23021 Fixed: unnecessary dependency on .NET 4.0 full framework in installer.
  • WG-23029 Fixed: memory leak in default pool when using sample-accurate containers in combination with the 'from elapsed time' virtual voice behavior.
  • WG-23031 Fixed: source editor: discrepancy between the displayed crossfade region and what is heard.

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