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Wwise SDK 2022.1.8
Complete Changelist

The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2012.2.2 and version 2013.1.

Platform SDK updates

  • Perforce SDK was updated to version 2012.2
  • Mac/iOS: Updated to Xcode 4.6 (LLVM 4.2)
  • iOS: Updated to SDK 6.1 (supported architectures are now armv7 and armv7s)
  • 3DS: Updated to CTR-SDK 4.2.4
  • PS3: Updated to SDK 430.001
  • Xbox 360: Updated to XDK November 2012 (build 21250.1)
  • Wii U: Updated to Cafe SDK 2.08.13 and Multi 5.3.19
  • Android: Updated to NDK r8d

New Features

  • WG-21536 Now possible to add randomizers on the loop count of random and sequence containers.
  • WG-21707 Added low-level I/O sample code for loading SoundBanks within Android APKs. Android IntegrationDemo now deploys SoundBanks as part of the APK.
  • WG-21723 It is now possible to add custom speaker volume gains per listener to internal spatialized volume computations.
  • WG-21995 Positioning behavior (2D/3D) can be selected with RTPC.
  • WG-22283 Attenuation based on distance can now be controlled independently when using Game defined Aux Sends and User Defined Aux Sends.
  • WG-22538 A limited version of music switch container seeking is now available.
  • WG-22657 Finer granularity now supported in music grid (1/16 and 1/32).

API Changes

  • WG-14431 On Windows, XAudio2 is now the default audio API used for audio output, with a fallback to DirectSound when not available. The new AkPlatformInitSettings::eSinkType parameter can be used to modify this behavior.
  • WG-21251 It is now required to specify a valid memory pool ID to the initialization of the sound engine to use the prepare media mechanism. We removed the default behavior (allocation in the Default memory pool when not specified) as it was only causing confusion.
  • WG-21251 (Xbox360 Only) The Default memory pool memory is now allocated using malloc instead of PhysicalAlloc.
  • WG-21615 Removed in_ulListenerIndex from SetPosition(). Workaround is to set the position of the game object directly to that of the corresponding listener.
  • WG-21635 Migration iOS:
    • Migration: iOS SDK now uses a new header AkiOSSoundEngine.h. You need to include this new header instead of AkMacSoundEngine.h.
    • API Change:
      • Added a new API to handle audio session interruption at the app level.
      • Updated AkPlatformInitSettings for iOS to allow users to select whether to handle audio session interruptions at the app level or not.
  • WG-21759 Added methods to the SoundFrame API:
    • AK::SoundFrame::IGameParameter::Default returns the default value of the game parameter
    • AK::SoundFrame::ISoundFrame::GetConversionSettingsList lists all available conversion settings
    • AK::SoundFrame::ISoundFrame::ConvertExternalSources performs conversion of specified input source files
    • AK::SoundFrame::ISoundFrame::ResetRTPCValue provides functionality matching AK::SoundEngine::ResetRTPCValue
  • WG-21803 AK::SoundEngine::Unloadbank prototype changed:
    • When loading banks using an in-memory location, it is now allowed to load the same bank from two different memory locations simultaneously. Also, when loading banks from in-memory locations, it is now required to unload the bank using the same in-memory pointer that was used at the load call. This new requirement allows selecting which of the in-memory banks must be unloaded. To avoid confusion upon migration, the new parameter is now mandatory and NULL should be specified if the bank was not loaded from an in-memory location.
    • When multiple banks are sharing the same media and media is duplicated in memory, priority is given to the media from the latest loaded bank.
  • WG-22001 Source and insert effect plugins are now able to access the Playing ID and Game Object ID associated to the sound structure on which they are playing, as well as the game object and listener positions in cartesian and spherical coordinates.
  • WG-22259 New API: AK::SoundEngine::Wii::SetDRCVolume() can be used to set the volume of the DRC audio mix.
  • WG-22527 Calling AK::SoundEngine::UnloadBank with a specified bank not previously loaded now returns AK_UnknownBankID instead of AK_Success.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-21393 Volume threshold evaluation now takes bus gains of all signal paths into account and takes the maximum. This means that a voice will become virtual if both its dry and wet paths are below threshold. Also, voices routed to a mixing bus will become virtual when the output bus volume is brought down.
  • WG-21803
    • When loading banks using an in-memory location, it is now allowed to load the same bank from two different memory locations simultaneously. Also, when loading banks from in-memory locations, it is now required to unload the bank using the same in-memory pointer that was used at the load call. This new requirement allows selecting which of the in memory banks must be unloaded.
    • When multiple banks are sharing the same media and media is duplicated in memory, the media from the latest loaded bank has priority.
  • WG-22164 Sources now restart with perfect synchronization after source starvation has occurred under the interactive music hierarchy. The counterpart is that the starving source remains silent for some time (the track's look-ahead time) before restarting.

Performance Changes

Android now runs 10% faster. Vorbis and many effects have been optimized on several platforms. Here's an overview of the performance factors (as a reference, 1x represents status quo while 2x means that an effect runs twice as fast as before):

Xbox 360 PS3 Wii U
Matrix Reverb
1.1x to 1.8x
1.5x to 2.4x
Time Stretch
1.1x to 2.4x
1.3x to 1.6x
2.5x to 3x
Convolution Reverb
1.3x to 1.7x
1.1x to 1.3x
8x to 10x
Guitar Distortion
1.4x to 1.7x
1.1x to 1.5x
1.4x to 2x
1.1x to 1.2x
1.5x to 2.2x
Up to 2%
Up to 4.5%
10 to 15%

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-21619 Migration support for Wwise projects saved with Wwise prior to version 2007.2 has been removed.
  • WG-21728 Removed useless Windows files from Mac/iOS installers.
  • WG-21878 WwiseCLI can now perform project migration when -Save option is specified.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-14797 Fixed: Occasional assertion in AkContextualSequencer.cpp when playing XMA in interactive music.
  • WG-15390 Fixed a situation where playing a blend container with multiple children will stop playing if one of its children fails to play.
  • WG-21299 Mac/iOS: GameSimulator docsets are now copied to Xcode documentation folders during installation.
  • WG-21573 Fixed: Stereo delay channel crossfeed results in unstable feedback.
  • WG-21596 Fixed: DRC Surround mode always processes 6 channels, even when the game doesn't support it. Stereo is now used in this case.
  • WG-21599 Fixed: Spread curve is evaluated against total distance instead of distance that is projected on the listener's plane.
  • WG-21603 Fixed: Music context leaks in a very rare scenario.
  • WG-21628 Fixed: XMA decoder starvation with in-memory XMA in interactive music.
  • WG-21638 Fixed: Possible crash when using Mbox/M-Audio when sound card is set with multichannel.
  • WG-21700 Fixed misplaced HUD of IntegrationDemo on iOS6 (armv7s).
  • WG-21709 Fixed: SoundEngine API symbols DLL-exported in StaticCRT configurations.
  • WG-21716 Race condition between AX and audio thread when initializing, possible crash.
  • WG-21736 Fixed: Silent output (NaN) on 32 bit Windows and Mac in rare cases.
  • WG-21741 NaN created in 3D User Defined positioning code, when multiple listeners used, with No Follow Listener. Output is silent.
  • WG-21772 Fixed: crash when trying to resolve Dialogue Event containing no arguments.
  • WG-21786 Fixed an assert when resizing AkArray instance to zero.
  • WG-21798 Fixed: Muting of Aux busses using the authoring tool's monitoring features is inconsistent on PS3.
  • WG-21804 Fixed: Custom listener spatialization ignores sources channel count.
  • WG-21816 Fixed a warning in SWIG-generated API: WwiseObjectIDext.cs.
  • WG-21833 Fixed a situation where Soundframe::IGameParameter getGUID returns invalid GUID.
  • WG-21838 Fixed: Fade out is abruptly cut off during music transition while it should continue across next segment inside fading playlist. This is a regression since Wwise 2011.2.
  • WG-21877 iZotope Fixes:
    • 4.0 support added to all plugins on all platforms.
    • Buffering bug fix to the Box Modeler allowing it to be used with the low latency builds of Wwise.
    • Fixing the phase inversion of several distortions: Clip Control, Delicate Harmonics and Smooth Fuzz.
  • WG-21907 Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where opening a Wwise project in 2012.2 results in project migration. The bug occurs if the project is migrated on computer A, then opened on computer B. The problem shows up only in some projects. It is caused by a temporary file left on computer A that was not migrated with the project. A common case where this could happen is when using source control for the Wwise project and updating on a separate computer while having a leftover, non-migrated PROJECT.USERNAME.wsettings file in the project directory.
  • WG-21957 Fixed: Any global stop action on a specific element target which is "missing" will act like a global stop all event, but only on continuous items.
  • WG-21994 Fixed: SoundBanks containing impulse responses for Convolution Reverb on busses are always generated.
  • WG-22240 Fixed crash with rumble on WiiU Controller Pro.
  • WG-22254 Fixed: Android IntegrationDemo resets to main menu and loses all audio when switching the app between foreground and background.
  • WG-22266 In Android IntegrationDemo, sounds are now paused and resumed when user switches the demo between foreground and background.
  • WG-22268 Fixed: Meters on PS3 are insensitive to bus gains.
  • WG-22313 Fixed: Crash while playing sound with corrupt State Groups.
  • WG-22331 Fixed: crash when playing back a specific WAV file in Wwise.
  • WG-22501 Fixed: Positioning-related RTPC may be erroneously applied on nodes that do not define positioning.
  • WG-22505 Fixed: Capture log indicates "Filter" instead of "segment" when a transition is scheduled from anywhere but a music cue.
  • WG-22506 Fixed: Expander initial state behaves as if the input was above threshold instead of below threshold (as silence should be).
  • WG-22726 Fixed: Situation where instance limiters were over limiting when launching multiple times the same sound in the same frame.
  • WG-22793 Fixed: 3D User-Defined sounds with "follow listener" option are not silent when active listener mask on game object is 0.
  • WG-22794 Fixed: Listener scaling factor not taken into account for sounds in 3D User Defined positioning mode.
  • WG-22795 Fixed: Listener spatialization not taken into account for sounds in 3D User Defined positioning mode.
  • WG-22833 Fixed: CAkDeviceDeferredLinedUp::Init() returns AK_Success even if IO thread creation fails.
  • WG-22890 Fixed: 3D User-Defined positioning in "no follow" mode is invalid when used with multiple listeners.
  • WG-22939 Fixed: GetSourcePlayPosition() is broken with time stretch effect.

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