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Wwise SDK 2022.1.4
Important Migration Notes (2013.1)

SetAuxBusVolumes function removed from the API.

The function AK::SoundEngine::SetAuxBusVolumes() was removed from the API. This feature was replaced by an optional callback which allows not only to override the output volume per channel, but also the channel to channel volume assignment. You can register the callbacks by calling AK::SoundEngine::RegisterBusVolumeCallback() for every bus or Auxiliary bus for which you want to control the volume output.

Also, it is now possible to adjust the positioning of the bus directly from the Wwise Authoring application (the property view for busses now displays the Positioning tab).

Migration iOS:

  • iOS SDK now uses a new header AkiOSSoundEngine.h. You need to include this new header instead of AkMacSoundEngine.h.
  • API Change:
    • Added a new API to handle audio session interruption at the app level.
    • Updated AkPlatformInitSettings for iOS to allow users to select whether to handle audio session interruptions at the app level or not.

Volume API changed.

  • SetAuxBusVolumes was removed from the API. Volume callback on busses should be used instead.
  • AkSpeakerVolumeMatrixCallbackInfo format changed, the callback now only contains one volume matrix for the positioning (previously two: one dry and one wet) and separate floating point values for the dry attenuation, Game defined Aux Send attenuation and User defined Aux Send Attenuation.

Calling AK::SoundEngine::UnloadBank function change

Unloading a bank that was not previously successfully loaded will now return a failure code instead of returning success. This was made to ensure that people using wrong parameters to unload a bank from an in-memory location failed; the memory is potentially still in use.

see API Changes for more API changes.

Wwise Licensing

A new Licensing mechanism was added in Wwise. The licensing keys can be obtained from your account when logged in the Audiokinetic website. Using a key is necessary to unlock unrestricted generation of SoundBanks, and to enable Wwise for commercial use. For more information concerning licensing, visit

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