Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
What's New in 2013.2.3

2013.2.3 is a patch release. The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2013.2.2 and version 2013.2.3.

Platform SDK changes

  • Android: updated to NDK r9b, added x86 and armeabi-v7a-hf (hard float) configurations
  • PS3: updated to SDK 450.001
  • Xbox One: updated to XDK August 2013 QFE 8

Behavior changes

  • WG-24003 (Xbox One) AkSink_BGM output now tagged as communication stream to avoid it being recorded by DVR.

Bug fixes

  • WG-23912 Fixed: crash when limiting voices using game aux sends, combined with some virtual voice behaviors.
  • WG-24073 Fixed: crash after calling RegisterBusVolumeCallback with NULL callback.
  • WG-24076 Fixed: assert in IsActivityChunkEnabled.
  • WG-24086 Fixed: leftover dynamic sequences not cleanly released when terminating sound engine.
  • WG-24103 Fixed: crash when hitting an out-of-memory condition when initializing iZotope Hybrid Reverb.
  • WG-24104 (PS4) Fixed: assert when playing a 7.1 ATRAC9 sound.
  • WG-24148 Fixed: crash when changing game parameter affecting the voice volume of a Blend Container using motion.
  • WG-24152 Fixed: multiple listeners pick the strongest LPF value instead of weakest.
  • WG-24199 (Android) Fixed: SL_RESULT_BUFFER_INSUFFICIENT is printed very often in Android logs.
  • WG-24203 Fixed: rare Wwise application crash when receiving voice profiling information.

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