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Wwise SDK 2022.1.4
Complete Changelist

The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2013.1.3 and version 2013.2.

Platform SDK updates

  • Xbox One: updated to XDK August 2013 QFE 3
  • Xbox 360: updated to XDK 21256 September 2013
  • PS4: updated SDK 1.020
  • WiiU: updated to SDK 2.09.11

New Features

Refer to New Features for more details.

  • 7.1 Channel Support.
  • Secondary Output Devices.
  • Improved Support For Xbox One and PS4.
  • GenAudio AstoundSound.
  • Crankcase Audio REV.
  • Workgroup Enhancements.
  • WG-17159 New shortcuts to generate soundbanks. Refer to New Generate SoundBanks Shortcuts.
  • WG-18359 New context menu on soundbanks to generate Soundbanks on all platforms or on current platform.
  • WG-18484 Added new Wave Viewer application that can show, diff and playback wav files. Refer to Wave Viewer.
  • WG-19043 Duration of events is now exported in SoundbanksInfo.xml.
  • WG-19784 Project now comes back to non-dirty when undoing up to last save.
  • WG-19873 New button "Exclude All" in the Game Syncs tab of the Soundbank editor.
  • WG-19955 New option when importing new audio files and creating work units: Add to Source Control. Refer to Workgroup Enhancements.
  • WG-20554 Added microphone demo and SoundInput examples to Mac IntegrationDemo.
  • WG-20638 Revert is now accessible in Project Explorer for both Perforce and Subversion plug-ins.
  • WG-20810 The installer now has the possibility to download and extract the files without installing.
  • WG-21536 Now possible to add randomizers on the loop count of random and sequence containers.
  • WG-21809 (Xbox One) Hardware assisted in-memory XMA + SRC on Xbox One.
  • WG-21812 File Manager: Can now show files in flat or tree mode.
  • WG-22146 Now possible to configure the Soundbank Log to change severity on pre or post generation step messages.
  • WG-22147 Removed the -autoclose and -hideprogressui arguments from the Copy Streamed File application. Now the copy streamed file application is always command line.
  • WG-22960 Wwise now supports importing 32-bit float WAV files as exported with ProTools.
  • WG-23140 7.1 available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows.
  • WG-23225 Perforce now show the "-" status for directories instead of "Local Only"
  • WG-23226 Perforce and Subversion: wproj status is now shown in Wwise titlebar.
  • WG-23227 User interface entries starting with protocol names (http:, ftp:, mailto:, file:, etc) are now clickable and executed with shell API for integration with other tools
  • WG-23275 Source Editor now scale waveforms with fade-in and fade-out curves.
  • WG-23308 Channel names are now shown in the Source Editor.
  • WG-23413 The Output Bus can be to be linked/unlinked to a Platform.

API Changes

  • WG-23042 Added output channel configuration to AkSpeakerVolumeMatrixCallbackInfo; also renamed input configuration to uInputConfig (formerly uChannelMask).
  • WG-23169 Added the language code (in_szLanguageCode) to the Help function in AK::Wwise::IAudioPlugin.
  • WG-23170 Added virtual GetUndoManager() function to IPluginPropertySet. This enables plug-ins to access the undo system.
  • WG-23240 You can now specify the listener bitmask in RegisterGameObj.
  • WG-23256 Added function OnPluginMediaChanged() to AK::Wwise::IAudioPlugin.
  • WG-23422 Speaker angles can now be specified using SetSpeakerAngles().
  • WG-23503 (Android) expose OpenSL pointer in the SDK (AkPlatformInitSettings)
  • WG-22480 (iOS) Added platform settings to handle audio behaviours for background-foreground switching and inter-app mixing.
  • WG-23561 (iOS) Fixed profiler reconnection failure after the suspend-wakeup UI sequence. Added new API to reinitialize communication module using current settings.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-16917 Follow Capture Time is now automatically enabled when starting a capture.
  • WG-23144 "Default" bus channel configuration property has been replaced by "Parent". The former value used to mean "hardware device configuration", while "Parent" means "parent bus configuration". The resulting configuration of "Parent" buses may therefore be different with this new version.
  • WG-23043 Downmix equations have been made compliant with AC3 standards. This may result in slight changes in your mix when downmixing from different channel configurations.
  • WG-22922 3D objects are panned according to the channel configuration of the bus into which they are mixed. This means that 3D objects panned into a stereo bus sound with the same volume whether they are in the front or in the back, while they previously sounded 3 dB lower due to the standard downmix recipe where surround channels are attenuated by 3 dB.

Performance Changes

  • WG-22992 Performance improvement when updating massive number of RTPC values at every game frame.
  • WG-23404 Reduced memory usage in Default Pool.
  • WG-23423 (Unity) Performance improvement in Unity integration with game object calls.
  • WG-23648 (3DS) Volume computation now faster on the 3DS.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-20563 Perforce client SDK was updated to version 2013.1

Bug Fixes

  • WG-19561 Fixed: Query only finds the last effect shareset placed in the four effect slots.
  • WG-20383 Fixed: when a sound is shorter that its prefetch time, it is sometime impossible to use the prepare mechanism to load the prefetch data in memory.
  • WG-22972 Fixed: Out-of-place effect bypass is incorrect when input config is mono and output is stereo: only left channel passes through.
  • WG-22999 Fixed: Music Switch Container Editor - switch/state columns are too small, can't view long switch names.
  • WG-23009 Fixed: Crash when opening a project in authoring tool.
  • WG-23031 Fixed: Source Editor constant power crossfade loop curve is not constant power.
  • WG-23110 Fixed: xWMA encoding of 5.0 file results in mixdown to stereo.
  • WG-23223 Fixed: Stereo IR not working in "filter mode" with configurations having more than 4 channels.
  • WG-23281 Fixed: Assert during interactive music context reversal.
  • WG-23294 Fixed: Unloading work units from the actor mixer hierarchy may not reload properly.
  • WG-23376 Fixed: Adding and removing out of place effects while live editing was causing random crashes or unexpected behaviors.
  • WG-23447 Fixed: Invalid bandwidth displayed in profiler when using Stream Manager for writing.
  • WG-23450 Fixed: rare crash when generating soundbanks while background analysis is in progress.
  • WG-23454 Fixed: Potential crash in Soundbank Editor's edit tab.
  • WG-23477 Fixed: iZotope Trash Multiband Distortion has printf.
  • WG-23534 Fixed: crash in AAC decoder when dummy-sink mode is on.
  • WG-23547 Fixed: init.bnk generation fails silently if existing file is read-only.
  • WG-23549 Fixed: Stop action not functioning on certain sounds, if the sound engine has been running for several days.
  • WG-23627 Fixed: Unexpected source starvation in the interactive music hierarchy with trimmed streamed sounds with zero-latency.
  • WG-23632 Fixed: Potential crash when media relocation happen on bank unload.
  • WG-23638 Fixed: Distortion 2 not processed in iZotope Trash Multi-Band Distortion.
  • WG-23517 Fixed: Source position obtained via GetSourcePlayPosition() is not updated properly after seeking.
  • WG-22261 Fixed: (Android) IntegrationDemo crashes on Android 4.x systems.
  • WG-23540 Fixed: (Android) Device hardware volume buttons don't work properly.
  • WG-23563 Fixed: (Android) Audio click on Nexus 7 devices.
  • WG-23125 Fixed: (iOS) Interruption handler failed to restart the AUGraph/AudioUnit on certain iOS 6 devices.
  • WG-21902 Fixed: (iOS) Updated interruption handler API for user to retry failed interruption handling on app side to get around an iOS6-specific random glitch.
  • WG-23155 Fixed: (iOS) Loss of audio when enabling mixing with built-in music app and controlling music using remote control.
  • WG-23132 Fixed: (iOS) IntegrationDemo crashes on iOS-6.x simulators and devices.
  • WG-23153 Fixed: (iOS) Fixed the bug where a sample rate specified in platformInitSettings does not work.
  • WG-23236 Fixed: (iOS) Fixed freezing in IntegrationDemo when using remote-control to pause/resume background music player app while IntegrationDemo is running under mute-other-apps platform settings.
  • WG-23351 Fixed: (iOS) Profiling crashes if the custom event memory pool is unnamed.
  • WG-23603 Fixed: (iOS) Interruption handling may fail when sound engine is not initialized.
  • WG-23508 Fixed: (iOS, Unity) Crash during start up in app interruption listener.
  • WG-23451 Fixed: (PS4) Loaded banks memory size is displayed as 0 bytes when connected in profiler.
  • WG-23497 Fixed: (Vita) volume isn't updated when changed below threshold while paused.
  • WG-23421 Fixed: (Wii U) Memory corruption with LPF in specific scenarios.

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