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Wwise SDK 2022.1.4
New Features

7.1 Channel Support

Wwise voice pipeline now fully supports 7.1 on Windows, Xbox One and PS4 which includes sources, panning, effects, meters, multi-channel creator, etc.

Improved Support For Xbox One and PS4

Background music output and XMA/ATRAC hardware codecs are now supported on Xbox One and PS4.

Secondary Output Devices

“Secondary Outputs” refers to any of the game controller speakers or headphones that are not the main TV/Speakers. An independent audio mix can be crafted for each secondary output which opens up interesting sound design avenues and game feedback mechanisms.

GenAudio AstoundSound

GenAudio AstoundSound® represents a set of incredibly realistic 3D audio technologies

  • AstoundSound® 3D RTI transforms any discrete mono audio input into a highly accurate spherical audio experience.
  • AstoundSound® Fold-down transforms a discrete 5.1 mix at the source, and virtually recreates it via a stereo output, allowing for effective virtual surround sound.
  • AstoundSound® Expander works by expanding the stereo signal by virtually placing the left and right stereo sound sources anywhere within the spherical soundscape; above, below, in front or behind the listener, even at greater virtual distances, creating a wider sense of space for the listener.

Crankcase Audio REV

REV is a suite of tools and engine physics simulation that allows transforming static recordings of accelerating vehicles into fully dynamic engine simulations. The result of the granular synthesis used by REV is far more exciting and realistic than traditional loop models because they retain all the characteristics of the recordings they are derived from.

15 vehicle models are available at the launch of 2013.2 and this list will expand over time. Game developers can also build their models from their own audio recordings by using the REV Analysis Tool.

Workgroup Enhancements

A series of useful enhancements have been added to Perforce and Subversion source control plug-ins:

  • Automatic “mark for add” when importing audio files
  • Wwise project status is shown in the title bar
  • File Manager view now shows files as a hierarchy or as a flat list
  • Revert is now accessible from the Project Explorer view
  • Support for Perforce Streams

Wave Viewer

The Wave Viewer is a lightweight standalone audio file viewer and player application that can also be used to compare different versions of the same wave files in Perforce or Subversion.

New Generate SoundBanks Shortcuts

New shortcuts to generate SoundBanks:

  • Generate All SoundBanks on All Platforms (Ctrl+Alt+F7)
  • Generate All SoundBanks on Current Platform (Ctrl+Shift+F7)
  • Generate Selected SoundBank(s) on All Platforms (Alt+F7)
  • Generate Selected SoundBank(s) on Current Platform (Shift+F7)
  • Generate SoundBanks with Current Settings (Ctrl+F7)

New context menu on soundbanks to generate Soundbanks on all platforms or on current platform.


  • The output bus can be linked/unlinked from a platform.
  • Import assets to project: When a new Wwise project is created, it’s now possible to select which samples and presets (such as Altiverb IRs, Convolution Reverb, REV models, and SoundSeed Air) should be added to the project.
  • Music Transitions can now be organized in groups.
  • Audio Input plug-in now available for iOS.
  • Now possible to click URLs (http, file, etc...) in list controls like the Advanced Profiler.
  • Now possible to download and extract the files from the installer without having to install Wwise (Administrative Install).

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