Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
What's New in 2014.1.1

2014.1.1 is a patch release. The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2014.1 and version 2014.1.1.

Platform SDK changes

  • Windows Phone: added support for Windows Phone 8.1 (as WinPhone_vc120)

New Features

  • WG-18790 Advanced Profiler now displays memory usage for SoundBanks loaded via memory pointer.
  • WG-25835 Center% property can now be controlled by RTPC.
  • WG-25932 Auro Panner: added support for Dolby channel configurations.
  • WG-26040 IOSONO now available on PS4 and Xbox One.
  • WG-26227 Removed channel limitations on Mac.

Performance Improvements

  • WG-26022 Optimized Wwise Synth One: up to 4x faster than 2014.1.
  • WG-26060 Improved performance of StopAll action.
  • WG-26192 (Xbox One) Improved XMA decoder synchronization mechanism.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-24782 Fixed: (Xbox One) Multi-Channel XMA files with LFE have filtering issues in other channels.
  • WG-24841 Fixed: 'Wrong Argument Value' message in Capture Log when using the None state on a music switch container.
  • WG-25444 Fixed: Copy/Paste issues after loading a project containing a name conflict.
  • WG-25460 Fixed: Auro Panner does not revert to default settings when downfold checkbox is unchecked.
  • WG-25863 Fixed: (Windows RT) Wwise does not react to headphones being plugged in tablet.
  • WG-25997 Fixed: Crash in WwiseLib.dll!CProp ~CProp(), when clicking Effect button.
  • WG-26003 Fixed: Crash in WMusicTransitionAware::FixChildrenReferences.
  • WG-26007 Fixed: Crash at project load in WEventAction::ChangeAction.
  • WG-26016 Fixed: Various crashes in Auro plug-ins when running out of memory.
  • WG-26023 Fixed: Source starvation on streamed music files with prefetch and fade-in.
  • WG-26028 Fixed: IOSONO Proximity channels fade in during first frame of each sound.
  • WG-26053 Fixed: (WiiU) Crash when playing audio on Wii-mote.
  • WG-26058 Fixed: File packager uses wrong endianness when creating packages for Linux and Windows Phone platforms.
  • WG-26096 Fixed: Attenuations don't show in the "Shared by" list if the positioning options are driven by the 2D/3D RTPC.
  • WG-26120 Fixed: Rare crash in interactive music from HandleTrigger().
  • WG-26133 Fixed: Crash/freeze when running out of memory while connecting to the game.
  • WG-26143 Fixed: Race condition in stream manager on PS3 (regression of 2014.1).
  • WG-26146 Fixed: Occlusion and Obstruction built-in parameters are inverted.
  • WG-26147 Fixed: Inaccurate playback timing while audio output device is disconnected.
  • WG-26151 Fixed: Crash on Tab Separated Value Import with incompatible object types.
  • WG-26158 Fixed: Crash on Wwise connection when game object names are longer than 128 character.
  • WG-26160 Fixed: Crash in AkRTPCMgr if a parameter is transitioning when game object is destroyed.
  • WG-26163 Fixed: (iOS) AAC sounds stutter when restoring audio from interruption.
  • WG-26171 Fixed: Switch container set as MIDI target does not switch.
  • WG-26193 Fixed: AK::SoundEngine::SetPosition() requirement of normalized game object orientation vectors is not documented.
  • WG-26199 Fixed: Crash when opening a project with Set Bus Volume action targetting a non-bus object.
  • WG-26202 Fixed: Incorrect Voice Volume RTPC calculation on Bus in rare cases.
  • WG-26205 Fixed: (PS4) Possible freeze when using PAD outputs in release config.
  • WG-26226 Fixed: RemoveFileExtension() (for soundbank and file package names hashing) searches dot from beginning instead of end of string.
  • WG-26243 Fixed: (Vita,PS4) Various asserts in ATRAC-9 playback.
  • WG-26257 Fixed: Crash or memory leak when modifying paths in 3D user-defined sounds during playback.
  • WG-26262 Fixed: Game Parameters controlling Switches trigger the None Switch with every change in value.
  • WG-26280 Fixed: Crash in Wwise Authoring when deleting a music container.
  • WG-26292 Fixed: Crash in AudioFilesManager::InvalidateAllConvertedFileIDs() after migrating from 2014.1 beta 1.
  • WG-26300 Fixed: Invalid gains returned from IAkMixerPluginContext::ComputeSphericalVBAPGains() service with some specific angles.

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