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Wwise SDK 2022.1.4
New Features


Music segments now support MIDI files and play virtual instruments created using standard container hierarchies and source synthesizers.
Feature overview:

  • Music Segments can contain a mix of audio and MIDI contents.
  • MIDI clips target sampled instruments or source plug-in instruments, created at the Actor-Mixer level.
  • Container hierarchies become samplers and have a MIDI tab in the Property Editor to setup their behaviors and to which channel, note and velocity they play.
  • Source synthesizers, like Wwise Synth One, listening to MIDI notes and messages can also be played by MIDI contents in music tracks.
  • Any MIDI input data (pitch bend or CC) part of a MIDI file played by an interactive music segment can be attached to an RTPC-able properties on MIDI target of the music segment.

The Wwise Sample Project, available from the Wwise Installer, contains a new interactive music example named "MIDI" using a mix of pre-recorded music, MIDI sequences, instruments and source plug-in patches (Synth One). We suggest you take a look at this documentation and project to get inspiration on how to take advantage of MIDI.

Music Switch Tracks

Music tracks can now contain sub-tracks set to play according to switches. It can be used with audio content and it can also be used with MIDI content especially in contexts where rapid and seamless transitions are required.

Wwise Synth One

Wwise Synth One is our first source plug-in that really acts as a synthesizer and that can be used, not only for music, but also to replace rendered audio files for ambiances, room tones, UI sounds, etc. by a synthesized counterpart. It reduces resources and adds flexibility as all parameters can be attached to game parameters, MIDI CC, LFO and Envelopes.

LFO and Envelope Modulators

In the RTPC tab LFO and Envelope Modulators can be added to control an RTPC.

  • Envelope: An ADSR envelope that can be set in absolute duration or wait for MIDI Note Off messages to execute the Release portion of the envelope.
  • Low Frequency Oscillator: Used to create modulation of property values over time.

High-Pass Filter

A recursive filter that attenuates low frequencies, it is available everywhere the Low-pass filter is available.

New Attenuation Property: Focus

The focus parameter preserves the original channel position of the audio files especially when used in tandem with the Spread parameter that has a tendency to blur channels together otherwise.

New Channel Configurations

New channel configurations with height channels are now supported in Wwise, on busses and in the Multi-Channel File Creator. They can be used with some 3D virtualization plugins.

Mixer Plug-in Framework

The mixer plug-in framework provides a new type of plug-ins that are inserted on busses but which operates on each individual sources routed to it. The first sets of plug-ins available are from our 3rd party partners specialized in 3D audio such as Gen Audio, Auro 3D and IOSONO. This framework is also open to any game developers interested in alternative panning or mixing rules not provided by Wwise. A mixer plug-in has access to a lot of information from each source (per channel volumes, priorities, etc.) and can operate on them before they get mixed.

Control Surface Support

Wwise offers a highly flexible binding scheme that adapts to a variety of workflow. Single or multiple hardware controllers can be used. Work sessions can be operated in different modes:

  • Global: Control bindings working at the global level. Shortcuts and certain commands like starting a capture session, changing layouts, and opening views are great applications for the global mode.
  • Current Selection: Control bindings operating on the object currently selected in the Project Explorer view. For example, volume and pitch can be associated to the first two faders of a controller and they would control these parameters for any object currently selected.
  • Binding Views: Bindings specific to given views. For example, a binding group for the Soundcaster can be created where game parameters and module playback can be hooked up to the controller.

Game Parameter Interpolation

Game parameters can now be interpolated in units per seconds or in absolute duration. Interpolating game parameters eliminates abrupt changes generated by the game and results in a smoother experience.

Built-in Game Parameters

The following game parameter sources can be selected in the Game Parameter Editor:

  • Distance
  • Azimuth
  • Elevation
  • Object-to-listener Angle
  • Occlusion
  • Obstruction

These sources are automatically set by Wwise at runtime based on the game-object and listener positions, occlusion and obstruction values.

Import Wav Files With Tab-Delimited Content

It is now possible to import media files from a tab-delimited text file (also known as tab-separated files).

The tab-delimited file can define the following elements:

  • Wav or MIDI file to import.
  • Object structure to contain the files.
  • Any property values or references, such as the Voice Volume or the Output Bus.
  • Events to create.

Suspend/Background Mode Available on All Platforms

Suspend/background mode available on all platforms using functions of the SDK.

Enhanced Voice/Bus Volume Callback (AkSpeakerVolumeMatrixCallbackInfo) and Metering Access from SDK

More control is now available from the bus and voice volume callback (AkSpeakerVolumeMatrixCallbackInfo). The input and output channel configurations, separate base volume versus channel spatialization matrix are passed, as well as interfaces to the input and mixer contexts from which you can obtain positioning data, mixing services, and more.

A new callback is also available from bus processing in order to obtain metering data, such as K-weighted power values used to compute ITU-R BS.1770-compliant loudness.

See Important Migration Notes (2014.1) and Advanced Mix Customization Using the Speaker Matrix Callback for more details.

Wwise Authoring on Mac

Wwise running on Mac is available since 2013.2.7, but we believe it's worth mentioning it in this major release. Except for the File Packager that is currently not available on Mac, you’ll get the same features and workflow than the Windows version.

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