Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Release Notes 2016.1.4

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2016.1.3 and version 2016.1.4.

Platform SDK Changes

  • PS4 SDK: Updated SDK to 4.008.101
  • Vita SDK: Updated SDK to 3.570

Bug Fixes

  • WG-30971 Fixed: (Vita hardware) Effect plug-ins are not registered.
  • WG-30984 Fixed: Rumble receives all audio signals after a device change and rumbles indefinitely.
  • WG-30986 Fixed: Sounds may not be routed properly to an Auxiliary Bus when a Blend Container is involved.
  • WG-30992 Fixed: (PS4) Master Audio Bus volume ignored with SCE Audio3d Bed Output audio device.
  • WG-31008 Fixed: ASSERT when closing the Game Simulator while a Blend Container is playing.
  • WG-31093 Fixed: Memory corruption possible in Harmonizer and TimeStretch.
  • WG-31100 Fixed: (Xbox One) XMA assert when pausing sounds after starvation occurs, if pitch changes.
  • WG-31106 Fixed: Plug-in DLL errors don't show up.
  • WG-31161 Fixed: Useless error log Audiokinetic Wwise: Unable to create XAudio2 mastering voice.
  • WG-31230 Fixed: Possible crash when using trigger rate containers with many levels of child continuous containers.
  • WG-31268 Fixed: Hang in CAkSpeakerPan::GetSpeakerVolumes() when routing a 3D sound with anonymous channel configuration into a bus with standard channel configuration.
  • WG-31349 Fixed: Possible SoundBank integrity issue when downmix of originals is required.
  • WG-31428 Fixed: Incremental SoundBank generation does not work when the Use SoundBank names option is disabled in SoundBank Settings.
  • WG-31435 Fixed: Project load 'finalizing' stage takes much longer on large projects (since version 2016.1.2).
  • WG-31440 Fixed: (Windows) Using XAudio2.7 on Windows 10 can be problematic, even if other middleware have loaded it.
  • WG-31476 Fixed: Playback is broken in the Wwise Wave Viewer tool.
  • WG-31524 Fixed: Possible crash in CAkTransitionManager::ProcessTransitionsList.
  • WG-31532 Fixed: Blend track resets all of the boxes on project load.
  • WG-31537 Fixed: (Xbox One) XMA assert caused from an unknown XMA voice state when recycling old voices.
  • WG-31542 Fixed: Authoring tool crash when playing back certain original files with crossfaded loop regions.
  • WG-31617 Fixed: Rare crash in AK::DSP::ApplyGainRamp.
  • WG-31685 Fixed: (Android) Set the maximum sample rate to 48 kHz on devices incorrectly reporting higher values.
  • WG-31766 Fixed: (Xbox One) Invalid position returned by GetSourcePlayPosition() with XMA when sample rate is different then 48 kHz.
  • WG-31768 Fixed: AK::SoundEngine::GetBufferStatusForPinnedEvent() and AK::IAkStreamMgr::GetBufferStatusForPinnedFile() may return 100% while still buffering.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-31559 Added a message in Capture Log for failures to send profiling data.

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