Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Release Notes 2016.2.1

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2016.2.0 and version 2016.2.1.

Platform SDK Changes

  • PS4 SDK: Updated SDK to 4.008.101.
  • Xbox One XDK: Updated XDK to 160802 (August 2016 QFE 2).

Bug Fixes

  • WG-30670 Fixed: File Packager can't open very large SoundBanksInfo.xml files.
  • WG-30913 Fixed: Very large values for DurationMax in SoundBanksInfo.xml for Blend Containers inside Random Containers.
  • WG-31008 Fixed: ASSERT when closing the Game Simulator while a Blend Container is playing.
  • WG-31100 Fixed: (Xbox One) XMA assert when pausing sounds after starvation occurs, if pitch changes.
  • WG-31214 Fixed: Assert during playback of Switch track group while changing State.
  • WG-31349 Fixed: Possible SoundBank integrity issue when downmix of originals is required.
  • WG-31532 Fixed: Blend track resets all of the boxes on project load.
  • WG-31537 Fixed: (Xbox One) XMA assert caused from an unknown XMA voice state when recycling old voices.
  • WG-31617 Fixed: Rare crash in AK::DSP::ApplyGainRamp.
  • WG-31630 Fixed: (Windows) Crash when creating a project in Windows 7.
  • WG-31658 Fixed: Cursor position not updated when enabling 'follow capture time' while not capturing.
  • WG-31662 Fixed: Can't create an RTPC while remote connected.
  • WG-31675 Fixed: Multi Selection values differ depending on the order the objects are selected.
  • WG-31676 Better error reporting when WwiseCLI fails to launch.
  • WG-31685 (Android) Set the maximum sample rate to 48 kHz on devices incorrectly reporting higher values.
  • WG-31697 Fixed: Cannot enter decimal fractions for the Randomizer range.
  • WG-31699 Fixed: Nested Switch Containers show incorrect Switch assignation with tab-delimited import files.
  • WG-31700 (Mac,iOS,tvOS) Integration Demo: Increase Sound Engine memory pool to 2 MB to fix occasional crash.
  • WG-31704 Fixed: Soloed Game Object's solo state unrecoverable after death.
  • WG-31711 Fixed: (iOS) Crash on startup if sample rate is set to 0.
  • WG-31726 Fixed: Gap in start of timeline after loading certain PROF files.
  • WG-31761 Fixed: Crash when using API Profiler and either StartOutputCapture() or StartProfilerCapture() is called.
  • WG-31768 Fixed: AK::SoundEngine::GetBufferStatusForPinnedEvent() and AK::IAkStreamMgr::GetBufferStatusForPinnedFile() may return 100% while still buffering.
  • WG-31772 Fixed: Game Object Explorer view is extremely slow when adding/removing Watches in batch.
  • WG-31783 Fixed: (Android) Some Android 4.2 and older devices crash if the hardware doesn't support resampling.
  • WG-31787 Fixed: (Android) Vorbis distorted on Android x86 (ARM is OK).
  • WG-31798 Fixed: Warning in AkSpeakerConfig.h.
  • WG-31805 Fixed: Inconsistencies when live editing the output bus of an object while this object is in playback.
  • WG-31840 Fixed: Override Output Bus check box reflects parent instead of the object in the Multi Editor.
  • WG-31859 Fixed: Convolution Reverb downmixing of N.1 channel configurations (such as 5.1 and 7.1) results in invalid contributions of surround channels and LFE.
  • WG-31870 (Xbox 360) Removed dependency on xapid.lib/xapi.lib.
  • WG-31892 Fixed: Random crash when double-clicking an RTPC icon in the Multi Editor.
  • WG-31900 Fixed: Project fails to load because Work Unit files contain invalid property types when unlinked via the Multi Editor.
  • WG-31908 Fixed: Audio File Importer does not remember the last settings.
  • WG-31909 Fixed: Creating Dialogue Events with a tab delimited import sometimes sets path properties to have garbage values.
  • WG-31910 Fixed: Importing 1 WAV file with the Audio File Importer can potentially add the whole project to Perforce.
  • WG-31911 Fixed: Assigning the same object twice in a Dialogue Event with a tab delimited import gives an unwanted warning.
  • WG-31920 Fixed: Tab delimited import does not use the Use Existing option when available.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-31559 Added message in Capture Log to indicate a failure in sending profiling data.

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