Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2017.1.4

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2017.1.3 and version 2017.1.4. For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes. If using the online help, you can also choose a different Wwise version from the list on top of the table of contents column.

Platform SDK Changes

  • Switch SDK: Updated SDK to 3.5.1.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-35338 Import Conflict Manager now allows for multi-selection and supports changing the resolving operation for all selected rows in the list of errors.

New Features

  • WG-35367 Can now open the same project in multiple instances of Wwise without being prompted.
  • WG-35417 Added support for Control Surface bindings on States in the Mixing Desk.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-28063 Fixed: HPF clicking when reaching value 0.
  • WG-34674 Fixed: Garbage read in McDSP ML1 with single channel configurations excluding mono, such as 0.1..
  • WG-34756 Fixed: Possible hang in CAkAudioMgr::RemoveAllPreallocAndReferences when destroying sound engine.
  • WG-35032 Fixed: Rare crash when replacing an original WAV file while it is displayed in the Source Editor or Music Editor.
  • WG-35067 Fixed: Possible crash when editing audio sources during playback.
  • WG-35109 Fixed: When Wwise is launched with an active filter and connected to a game, the Capture Log is populated without having to click on the "Filter..." button.
  • WG-35118 Fixed: Rare crash in CAkRTPCMgr::SetBuiltInParamValue().
  • WG-35245 Fixed: (Android) Crankcase REV doesn't work in Unity on Android.
  • WG-35253 Fixed: MIDI Target hierarchy not packaged in SoundBanks.
  • WG-35257 Fixed: SoundBank differences after project exit and reopen when specific State properties are modified.
  • WG-35317 Fixed: Work Unit corruption after successful migration with excluded audio sources on deleted languages.
  • WG-35323 Fixed: Crash when adding a State on a Motion FX object.
  • WG-35338 Fixed: The "Set all to" Cancel button is grayed out when there are conflicts during a Tab Delimited Import.
  • WG-35359 Fixed: Crash when playing a MIDI loop driving sounds that begin playback under threshold.
  • WG-35390 Fixed: The interactive music was uselessly rescheduled when connecting the profiler or when loading SoundBanks with content already playing.
  • WG-35413 Fixed: User defined Aux Bus copied incorrectly.
  • WG-35430 Fixed: (Xbox One) IAudioClient2 objects are leaked when suspending.
  • WG-35500 Fixed: Wwise Meter RTPC value ignored if RTPC is changed manually.
  • WG-35531 Fixed: Error when loading ambisonic WAV file exported from ProTools.
  • WG-35590 Fixed: Issues with running Wwise Parametric EQ on PS4 5.008.041 or later.
  • WG-35721 Fixed: Crash in Vorbis decoder when not enough memory.
  • WG-35728 Fixed: Hang when accessing Spatial Audio data from the game thread using CalcOcclusionAndVirtualPositions().

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