Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Release Notes 2017.1.5

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2017.1.4 and version 2017.1.5. For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes. If using the online help, you can also choose a different Wwise version from the list on top of the table of contents column.

Platform SDK Changes

  • Xbox One XDK Updated XDK to 170601 (June 2017 QFE 3)
  • PS4 SDK: Updated SDK to 5.008.041.
  • Mac, iOS, tvOS: Updated to Xcode 9.1

Bug Fixes

  • WG-34842 Fixed: Drastic changes in speed of sound can cause glitches in Reflect.
  • WG-34954 Fixed: The Reflect Effect Editor cursor order in the graph is confusing.
  • WG-35079 Fixed: The Reflect Effect Editor status of reflections mute/solo is persisted when disconnecting game.
  • WG-35850 Fixed: No cursor displayed in the Reflect Effect Editor curve when the reflections are beyond the Max Distance.
  • WG-35996 Fixed: Potential use of uninitialized memory in Pitch node results in silent or corrupt audio channels in output.
  • WG-36009 Fixed: Effect Bypass on Auxiliary Bus driven by RTPC ignored on bus initialization.
  • WG-36032 Fixed: Live editing of Acoustic Textures does not always work.
  • WG-36076 Fixed: Bad handling of game object data may inject garbage in positioning code.
  • WG-36130 Fixed: ResetRTPCValue() fails when immediately preceded by SetRTPCValue() on an interpolated game parameter.
  • WG-36173 Fixed: Inconsistent 3D positioning in rare cases where the emitter is exactly aligned with the listener's front vector.
  • WG-36176 Fixed: Reflect curve colors inconsistent with those of the authoring tool.
  • WG-36253 Fixed: Reflect Effect Editor refresh issue when image source is moving above and under Max Distance.

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