Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2017.2.1

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2017.2 and version 2017.2.1. For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes. If using the online help, you can also choose a different Wwise version from the list on top of the table of contents column.

Platform SDK updates

  • Updated Perforce plug-in to Perforce SDK 2017.1.
  • Xbox One XDK Updated XDK to 170601 (June 2017 QFE 3)
  • PS4 SDK: Updated SDK to 5.008.041.
  • Mac, iOS, tvOS: Updated to Xcode 9.1.

New Features

  • WG-27339 Added support for SSL with Perforce plug-in.
  • WG-36178 Spatial Audio - diffraction modeling: An additional distance multiplier is now applied to diffracted sounds. This multiplier has been added to simulate the phenomenon whereby diffracted sound waves decay faster than incident sound waves. Two new parameters have been added to the AkSpatialAudioInitSettings to customize this behavior: fDiffractionShadowAttenFactor and fDiffractionShadowDegrees. See the for AkSpatialAudioInitSettings API documentation for more details. If, for any reason, existing sound design is negatively affected by this change, it can be disabled by setting fDiffractionShadowAttenFactor to 1.0.
  • WG-36289 Spatial Audio: It is now supported to use room game objects, which are registered internally by spatial audio, as the emitter for room ambiances. Two parameter have been added to AkRoomParams to facilitate this: RoomGameObj_KeepRegistered and RoomGameObj_AuxSendLevelToSelf. This is very useful for positioning sounds that are multi-channel ambiance 'beds' because spatial audio does all the positioning for you. Posting an Event on the room game object leverages automatic room game object placement so that when the listener is inside the room the sound comes from all around the listener, and when the listener is outside the room the sound comes from the portal(s). See the API documentation for AkRoomParams for more information on the new fields.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-36119 Due to this bug introduced in 2017.2.0, and fixed in 2017.2.1, versions 2017.2.0 and 2017.2.1 will not be able to remote connect.
  • WG-36287 Spatial Audio: Previously, the obstruction value from AK::SpatialAudio::SetEmitterObstruction() was ignored when the emitter was not in the same room as the listener. Now, the maximum of the obstruction value passed from the API and the value calculated by the diffraction system is passed to the sound engine. The game is responsible for differentiating obstruction between the emitter and the portal (where SetEmitterObstruction() should be used), and occlusion from room boundaries, which is better handled by the spatial audio diffraction system. For example, games that use ray-testing for obstruction may report 100% obstruction when an object is very close to the opening of a portal because the ray between the emitter and the listener hits a nearby wall. If the game then sends 100%, this will erroneously override the diffraction angle calculation, which is probably much less than 180 degrees and better matches the expected audibility of the sound. To prevent this scenario, games can ray-test for obstruction objects between the emitter and the portal, passing the results with SetEmitterObstruction(), and then test for obstructing objects between the portal and the listener, passing the results with SetPortalObstruction().

Performance Changes

  • WG-35738 Significantly improved mixing performances when output bus filters are bypassed.
  • WG-36140 (Android, PS4) Significantly improved performance of the Parametric EQ.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-34346 Fixed: Failure to load IR in Convolution Reverb if the directory of the Wwise project path contains foreign (to the OS language) characters.
  • WG-34842 Fixed: Drastic changes in speed of sound can cause glitches in Reflect.
  • WG-34954 Fixed: The Reflect Effect Editor cursor order in the graph is confusing.
  • WG-35079 Fixed: The Reflect Effect Editor status of reflections mute/solo is persisted when disconnecting game.
  • WG-35415 Fixed: Possible to accumulate stale obstruction/occlusion entries that are visible in the Obs/Occ profiler tab.
  • WG-35485 Fixed: Ambisonics is incompatible with multi-positioned game objects in MultiDirection mode.
  • WG-35803 Fixed: Can no longer reparent, rename, or move the default Audio Device ShareSet ("System").
  • WG-35810 Fixed: The name in the Game Object column of the Capture Log for (Set/Add/Remove) DefaultListener messages will be empty.
  • WG-35850 Fixed: No cursor displayed in the Reflect Effect Editor curve when the reflections are beyond the Max Distance.
  • WG-35860 Fixed: AK::SpatialAudio::SetEmitterAuxSendValues has no effect if the emitter is unregistered in the same frame.
  • WG-35894 Fixed: User-defined positioning does not support emitter rotation consistently when Follow Listener Orientation is not checked.
  • WG-35929 Fixed: Switch Music Tracks transition at or after exit cue.
  • WG-36006 Fixed: All busses except a master Audio bus can be reparented.
  • WG-36009 Fixed: Effect Bypass on Auxiliary Bus driven by RTPC ignored on bus initialization.
  • WG-36076 Fixed: Bad handling of game object data may inject garbage in positioning code.
  • WG-36094 Fixed: Crash when viewing the Audio Preferences dialog without an Audio Device enabled.
  • WG-36119 Fixed: Remote connections that are not permitted due to a version mismatch are showing an incorrect minor version in the Status column of the Remote Connections dialog.
  • WG-36130 Fixed: ResetRTPCValue() fails when immediately preceded by SetRTPCValue() on an interpolated game parameter.
  • WG-36138 Fixed: (PS4, Switch) Crash in Wwise Motion Generator when soloing a left or right trigger curve with current platform.
  • WG-36141 Fixed: Ak::SoundEngine::SetBusDevice() doesn't work.
  • WG-36153 Fixed: The initial name of a new bus when parenting a top-level bus will start with "New Master Bus", not "New Audio Bus".
  • WG-36160 Fixed: Crash when failed to initialize a DirectSound Sink.
  • WG-36169 Fixed: It's possible to create children (Work Units and Virtual Folders) of the Master-Mixer Hierarchy top-level Work Unit.
  • WG-36173 Fixed: Inconsistent 3D positioning in rare cases where the emitter is exactly aligned with the listener's front vector.
  • WG-36176 Fixed: Reflect curve colors inconsistent with those of the authoring tool.
  • WG-36220 Fixed: SetSpeakerAngle() returns "Device not found" for main device.
  • WG-36223 Fixed: Crash when deleting a State Group then inspecting a bus using the State Group.
  • WG-36253 Fixed: Reflect Effect Editor refresh issue when image source is moving above and under Max Distance.
  • WG-36288 Fixed: With Spatial Audio, game objects for the listener's room are positioned one unit away from listener instead of being coincident.
  • WG-36293 Fixed: In Reflect, there are issues with selection when the graph has many cursors.
  • WG-36300 Fixed: In the Voices Graph, the connection to a parent Auxiliary Bus is displayed as a dotted line.
  • WG-36341 Fixed: WAV files in 32-bit integer PCM format are not imported correctly.
  • WG-36355 Fixed: SCE Audio3d Object Panner does not work with multiple positions.
  • WG-36394 Fixed: Imported WAV files that are in a subfolder of .../Originals/SFX are imported (copied) in .../Originals/SFX.
  • WG-36408 Fixed: Event Editor: Can't set decimals in the Game Parameter Value.

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