Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Release Notes 2019.2.1

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2019.2 and version 2019.2.1. For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

Platform SDK Changes

  • Stadia SDK: Updated to SDK 1.43
  • PS4 SDK: Updated SDK to 7.008.031.
  • Xbox One XDK: Updated XDK to 10.0.17134.5071 (July 2018 qfe12).
  • Switch SDK: Updated SDK to 9.4.1

New Features

  • WG-34982 (Switch) Remote connection to the Switch is now possible via HTCS.

API Changes

  • WG-47804 2019.1.8 Plug-in build tool ( is now in sync with 2019.2 version.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-42768 Merged IncrementalSoundBankData.xml and all the bank .stat files into a single binary file in the cache folder, called SoundBankInfoCache.dat. It can reduce file size up to 83% and significantly reduce the number of I/O calls when generating SoundBanks.

Performance Changes

  • WG-42993 Shorter iteration time when generating a SoundBank and there are no tasks left to perform to generate it.
  • WG-45144 Significant optimization to Convolution Reverb and Filter effects, with throughput performance nearly doubled in many circumstances, and memory use lowered by a half. Note that soundbanks containing Convolution Reverb media will have to be regenerated in order for the improvements to be recognized.
  • WG-47711 Improved performance when inspecting objects from the Project Explorer.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-48322 Performance improvement when switching platforms in a large project.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-30250 Fixed: Rare crash in CAkModulator::_Trigger
  • WG-36388 Fixed: Java exceptions in Android code related to Bluetooth now cleared.
  • WG-41384 Fixed: Possible crash while unloading a SoundBank with a transition active over a State change.
  • WG-41803 Fixed: Can't use the left right arrows to move cursor when editing Performance Monitor Settings.
  • WG-41974 Fixed: Edit in Nuendo does not support Sound Voices.
  • WG-44605 Fixed: Deleting a Transition with the Remove button will always select two transitions afterwards.
  • WG-46140 Fixed: Query criteria Property/Value shows duplicate choices in the dropdown menus.
  • WG-46172 Fixed: Doing a drag&drop of multiple selected objects in a Sequence Container to the playlist resulted in a change in the order of the objects.
  • WG-46455 Fixed: Edit Marker Label in Source Editor does not update the label.
  • WG-46567 Fixed: Improved readability of the Game Object missing color (red) in the Locate Object section of the Game Object 3D Viewer.
  • WG-46601 Fixed: Crash that could occur due to malformed URI in WAAPI requests.
  • WG-46745 Fixed: rare crash when unloading PCK files.
  • WG-46882 Fixed: Left Arrow Key cannot be used in Query Editor.
  • WG-46899 Fixed: Audio glitches with Microsoft Spatial Sound Platform Audio Device due to working thread pool affinity.
  • WG-47185 Fixed: Possible crash during RTPC initialization under low memory conditions.
  • WG-47239 Fixed: crash when pressing Ctrl-W in notes.
  • WG-47253 Fixed: Newly created command add-on contains invalid JSON.
  • WG-47256 Fixed: Keyboard shortcut filter is remembered but not applied when returning to dialog.
  • WG-47343 Fixed: (iOS) Audio session category AkAudioSessionCategorySoloAmbient doesn't stop external music when app is brought back to the foreground.
  • WG-47375 Fixed: (Soundseed Grain) Modulator and Quantization fields in the Modulator assignment pane disappear when changing Property.
  • WG-47391 Fixed: Critical errors happening prior to Authoring connection were not reported in Capture Log.
  • WG-47534 Fixed: Memory leak when playing an external source under low memory conditions.
  • WG-47558 Fixed: WAAPI C# sample does not compile.
  • WG-47562 Fixed: Convolution Reverb IR pictures are now vertically aligned.
  • WG-47627 Fixed: WwiseConsole does not support relative .wproj path.
  • WG-47765 Fixed: Invalid audio output by the Stereo Delay plug-in 5.1 channels in Profile.
  • WG-47810 Fixed: Rare crash when stopping a Switch Container in continuous mode with an unregistered Game Object.
  • WG-47850 Fixed: Music Switch Container entries can't select objects that are nested inside a Work Unit.
  • WG-47861 Fixed: Crash when deleting SFX object from right click after deleting the content of its name.
  • WG-47884 Fixed: Content Editor is not sorting objects by name by default.
  • WG-47904 Fixed: Devices missing from the Audio Preferences dialog.
  • WG-47909 Fixed: Voice Monitor not showing the HDR window.
  • WG-47925 Fixed: SoundFrame server was not working in WwiseCLI.
  • WG-48025 Fixed (PS4): Excessive memory allocation causing voice starvation when playing ATRAC9 streams.
  • WG-48032 Fixed: Built-in game parameters are not updated properly when spatial audio is initialized,
  • WG-48064 Fixed: Invalid command add-on files generate incomplete error in the log.
  • WG-48085 Fixed: File Packager does not import streamed files properly.
  • WG-48105 Fixed: Performance improvements when filtering with the profiler.
  • WG-48115 Fixed: Crash when moving a bus and its descendants to another location in the Master Mixer Hierarchy.
  • WG-48123 Fixed: Hangs in Game Sync Monitor while profiling with a text filter.
  • WG-48224 Fixed: Potential crash when calling AK::SpatialAudio::SetPortal on a Portal with no name (name field is blank)

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