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Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2021.1.13

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2021.1.12 and version 2021.1.13.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

New Features

  • WG-65199 ( Added Visual Studio 2022 target support for the Authoring plug-in part.

Behavior Changes

Bug Fixes

  • WG-61540 Fixed: Crash in AkDevice::BaseCaptureCallbackStruct::ConvertForCapture when trying to use ref RegisterCaptureCallback with 5th-order ambisonic output. Note that capturing 4th-order or 5th-order ambisonic output still outputs only 3rd-order FuMa-encoded ambisonics.
  • WG-61974 Fixed: Voice Inspector sometimes fails to display attenuation contributions when scrubbing the timeline.
  • WG-63879 Fixed: Inaccurate data in Voice Inspector's Contribution List when dragging the timeline cursor at a resolution smaller than the audio frame.
  • WG-63880 Fixed: Voice Inspector doesn't snap to proper time when moving time cursor backwards with the timeline zoomed in.
  • WG-63882 Fixed: Crash in AkPath.cpp when terminating engine in low-memory conditions
  • WG-63956 Fixed: Possible crash while loading SoundBank Init.bnk under low memory conditions.
  • WG-64172 Fixed: Crash in AK::SoundEngine::Term when streamed sounds with the 3D User positioning option are playing at termination time.
  • WG-64365 Fixed: Crashes or other errors occur in low-memory situations during playback of Random Containers or Music Playlists set to Random Continuous or Random Step.
  • WG-64503 Fixed: (Mac Authoring) WwiseConsole incorrectly handles UNIX absolute paths.
  • WG-64504 Fixed: Music Clip property curves are not deleted when the corresponding Work Unit is unloaded.
  • WG-64585 Fixed: Inadvertent changes to assigned Media IDs after reloading Work Units.
  • WG-64781 Fixed: SoundBanks do not contain a music object's MIDI target hierarchy when the MIDI target is specified by the music object's ancestry.
  • WG-64839 Fixed: Cannot build Authoring plug-ins without MFC.
  • WG-64957 Fixed: Media ID validation is done slightly too late during project load. This only impacts local playback in Wwise Authoring.
  • WG-64982 Fixed: Missing tooltips when hovering over list headers.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-61704 Fixed: Meter plug-in doesn't meter properly when on objects in the Actor-Mixer hierarchy.
  • WG-61946 Fixed: Some memory addresses are not sufficiently aligned.
  • WG-63559 Fixed: Possible crash when playing back a 3D-positioned LFE-only source while 3D Audio is enabled.
  • WG-63588 Fixed: Possible crash when opening a project that has a circular reference between a Music Event Cue and an Event.
  • WG-63817 Fixed: Project file AutoDetectedSampleRates.cache grows when no new files are introduced.
  • WG-63852 Fixed: Stack overflow in CAkSpeakerPan::ComputeSN3DphericalHarmonics when panning some audio to a 5th-order ambisonic bus.
  • WG-64285 Fixed: Bus and auxiliary bus properties are affected by RTPCs/States set on an ancestor object. This bug occurs in Wwise Authoring only.
  • WG-64287 Fixed: Crashes or memory stomps while Wwise Profiler is connected to a game.
  • WG-64478 Fixed: Unintended object ID reassignment during Work Unit reload. Such changes occur when an object is moved from one Work Unit to another.
  • WG-64495 Fixed: Crash during Ak3DAudioMixer::TriageAndMix in low-memory scenarios.
  • WG-64496 Fixed: Music Switch Containers are not packaged into SoundBanks correctly when the container includes a switch target that is not a child of the container in the project hierarchy.
  • WG-64669 Fixed: Deadlock in Transitions of a Music Playlist Container that do not validate essential property values.
  • WG-64683 Fixed: SoundBank GameSync exclusions don't work with Interactive Music objects.
  • WG-64842 Fixed: Wwise crash when the Project Load Log contains certain messages.
  • WG-64849 Fixed: Some bus structures with Listener Relative Routing can create situations where two Master Audio Busses erroneously send to the same Output Device twice in one tick, resulting in lost audio or other errors.
  • WG-64898 Fixed: Music Stinger parent object(s) not packaged in SoundBanks.

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