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Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2022.1.2

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2022.1.1 and version 2022.1.2.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

API Changes

  • WG-63183 A new API function for the AK::MemoryMgr, AK::MemoryMgr::TrimForThread, has been added. This function gives game integrations additional opportunities to free up thread-local resources when threads enter periods of inactivity. For Wwise's built-in memory allocator, rpmalloc, this will finalize all deferred free operations on the thread and return thread-local heaps to the global store, to be later reused by other threads. This function is called after execution of CAkAudioMgr::Perform on the EventMgr thread, and after CAkThreadedBankMgr processes a set of commands on the BankMgr thread. We recommend that game integrations call this function on worker threads occasionally, such as after returning from execution of the AK::JobMgr worker function.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-63468 When using the generate-soundbank operation with the WwiseConsole, the source control operations are now done automatically when the option is enabled in the SoundBank Settings. It is possible to disable the source control operations by using the –no-source-control flag at the command line. User Project Settings will load if necessary to obtain the source control settings.

Performance Changes

  • WG-57458 Adjusted scheduling of jobs in the AK::JobMgr so that when a job has all of its dependencies satisfied, it is scheduled for execution immediately, instead of being enqueued and later dequeued. This should reduce the overhead of the job manager system, especially when running voice graphs containing many small busses, and improve execution of jobs due to improved cache utilization in many cases.
  • WG-60124 The entirety of the sound engine tick, that is, execution of CAkAudioMgr::Perform, now runs as jobs of type AkJobType_AudioProcessing. For game integrations that have set up support for the Wwise Job Manager, even with just one worker of type AkJobType_AudioProcessing, this should eliminate almost all of the work performed on the AK::EventMgr thread, and instead let the entirety of the sound engine tick run on game engine thread pools. For example, this should eliminate performance issues that work being performed on the game engine thread pools might have experienced due to being pre-empted by the AK::EventMgr thread, which should improve the overall consistency of game engine performance.
  • WG-63532 Dispatching of "empty" jobs by the AK::JobMgr no longer issues worker requests. Most notably, this should eliminate many worker requests initiated by _CallGlobalExtensionsAsync that would not actually have any work to be performed.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-62516 CPU time spent on profiling of Spatial Audio in the runtime is now attributed to a separate Spatial Audio CPU timer scope. Previously it was attributed to "Global Extension".
  • WG-63055 Upgraded Visual Studio 2022 version to 17.4.2.
  • WG-63517 Running build commands now includes CL_MPCount as an argument to the MSBuild process.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-57678 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Reflections of a surface that is exactly coincident with another surface are intermittent and unstable.
  • WG-61025 Fixed: Crash in Wwise Authoring when setting AK Convolution plug-in IR response times with a window of 0 frames.
  • WG-61974 Fixed: Voice Inspector sometimes fails to display attenuation contributions when scrubbing the timeline.
  • WG-62515 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) CPU usage spikes when profiling Spatial Audio.
  • WG-62774 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) A 2nd order or higher diffraction path cuts out when the diffraction angle is very small.
  • WG-62988 Fixed: Possible crash when loading a Profiler session (.prof file) in the Profiler.
  • WG-63307 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Possible loss of direct path through portals several rooms away.
  • WG-63330 Fixed: Unintentional behavior change introduced by fix WG-61727 in Wwise 2021.1.11 and 2022.1.1. Under particular circumstances, Music Switch Containers with destination transitions with a positive fade offset are affected.
  • WG-63422 Fixed: AkArray::Reserve sometimes increases in size when not required.
  • WG-63475 Fixed: Possible crash when using Paste Properties to copy an object list to one or more target objects.
  • WG-63493 Fixed: Version Control operation can timeout during SoundBank Generation.
  • WG-63495 Fixed: Wwise Profiler views are not cleared following a reload of one or more Work Units, which can lead to a crash.
  • WG-63519 Fixed: WAAPI function calls are slow when no project is open.
  • WG-63577 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Diffraction angles for reflections are incorrectly calculated on geometry that has non-uniform scaling.
  • WG-63580 Fixed: Media Size preview not shown on Sound objects.
  • WG-63764 Fixed: The presence of feedback aux-send connections in the voice graph causes some non-feedback aux-send connections to go backwards in the Wwise Profiler Voice Graph, resulting in incorrect or non-deterministic mixes during audio rendering.
  • WG-63769 Fixed: Crash when reloading a Work Unit that includes a State Group or Switch Group used by a Music Switch Container currently inspected in Wwise.
  • WG-63862 Fixed: Possible crash in Wwise Authoring when changing RTPC curves on Attenuation while connected.
  • WG-63880 Fixed: Voice Inspector doesn't snap to proper time when moving time cursor backwards with the timeline zoomed in.
  • WG-63882 Fixed: Crash in AkPath.cpp when terminating engine in low-memory conditions
  • WG-63887 Fixed: SoundBank Editor shortcut menu item Open Containing Folder for Auto-Defined SoundBanks doesn't include an entry for the .bnk file.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-58892 Fixed: Imprecision with the panning of mono sounds with non-zero spread and non-zero focus to the back of the listener.
  • WG-60199 Fixed: Possible crash on connection when using any plug-in that takes a string as a parameter, for example, the Recorder plug-in.
  • WG-61907 Fixed: Crash when geometries contain invalid triangles.
  • WG-62393 Fixed: Stereo Delay Effect plug-in does not apply dry gain to height channels.
  • WG-63034 Fixed: Generic errors are reported when Mastering Suite initialization fails. An invalid channel configuration will now be reported when encountered.
  • WG-63088 Fixed: Calls to AK::SoundEngine::PostMIDIOnEvent() fail to release some allocated memory.
  • WG-63242 Fixed: Freeze when generating SoundBanks with WwiseConsole and the option to add the generated files to Source Control is enabled.
  • WG-63247 Fixed: Successive SoundBank generations can delete the source file(s) for Soundseed Grain plug-ins.
  • WG-63270 Fixed: Reflect calls internal Wwise sound engine functions, which could result in compatibility issues if the Wwise source is changed. These internal function calls were replaced by calls to the public API.
  • WG-63379 Fixed: Motion plug-in notice is displayed on project load.
  • WG-63425 Fixed: Crash in AkConversionTable (RTPC support).
  • WG-63465 Fixed: There is no longer a button to create new user-defined SoundBanks. The button has been put back, similar to a button that existed in Wwise 2021.1.
  • WG-63512 Fixed: Assert from IAkPluginMemAlloc.h header file make debug strings present in optimized targets.
  • WG-63545 Fixed: Deadlock during a call to UnloadBank when:
    • A sound stops with a transition during the call to UnloadBank.
    • The same sound is paused in the same frame as the call to UnloadBank.
  • WG-63585 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) A slow constant memory leak in the Spatial Audio pool.
  • WG-63588 Fixed: Possible crash when opening a project that has a circular reference between a Music Event Cue and an Event.
  • WG-63691 Fixed: Crash when using List View Size Previews in a project with version control integration enabled.
  • WG-63749 Fixed: Calls to AK::SoundEngine::ExecuteActionOnEvent perform action on all active MIDI items (starting with AK::SoundEngine::PostMIDIOnEvent), regardless of the target of the Event's Actions.
  • WG-63860 Fixed: Crash when closing a Wwise project while a long version control operation is in progress.

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