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Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2022.1.3

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2022.1.2 and version 2022.1.3.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

Behavior Changes

Performance Changes

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-60454 Added tooltips to the Loudness Meter view.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-61068 Fixed: Text cropped on Event cues when in High DPI.
  • WG-61540 Fixed: Crash in AkDevice::BaseCaptureCallbackStruct::ConvertForCapture when trying to use ref RegisterCaptureCallback with 5th-order ambisonic output. Note that capturing 4th-order or 5th-order ambisonic output still outputs only 3rd-order FuMa-encoded ambisonics.
  • WG-62494 Fixed: While saving a Wwise project, the field LogCentralIgnoreList is persisted in non-deterministic order, unnecessarily causing the project to be dirty.
  • WG-63202 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Spread cones can briefly face the wrong direction when near the extents of a portal.
  • WG-63741 Fixed: Wwise crashes when copying an object that has an unresolved Metadata reference.
  • WG-63841 Fixed: Package defines are missing in some of the Wwise Unity Addressables package integration C# code files.
  • WG-63859 Fixed: Link-time symbol clash when combining Unity with iZotope plug-ins.
  • WG-63888 Fixed: Crash in Music Switch Containers when scheduling a transition with a large number of very short Music Segments.
  • WG-63941 Fixed: Possible crash when starting a sound under low memory conditions.
  • WG-63956 Fixed: Possible crash while loading SoundBank Init.bnk under low memory conditions.
  • WG-64143 Fixed: Projects load slowly when many SoundBanks are under source control.
  • WG-64152 Fixed: Load and Save Preset buttons are missing from the object tab when an aux bus is selected.
  • WG-64158 Fixed: Not enough vertical space in Blend Track Editor graph when using default and larger font sizes.
  • WG-64172 Fixed: Crash in AK::SoundEngine::Term when streamed sounds with the 3D User positioning option are playing at termination time.
  • WG-64267 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Spread cone direction is incorrect while the listener is in off-centered portals.
  • WG-64294 Fixed: Memory leak on exit when terminating the sound engine after running low on memory while processing Events.
  • WG-64331 Fixed: Incorrect tags added to the SoundBank metadata files for media used by Source Plug-ins.
  • WG-64359 Fixed: (Perforce) Added files don't always appear in the commit dialog.
  • WG-64360 Fixed: SoundBank generation does not copy media files from the reference language when a media source was not provided for a given language.
  • WG-64365 Fixed: Crashes or other errors occur in low-memory situations during playback of Random Containers or Music Playlists set to Random Continuous or Random Step.
  • WG-64487 Fixed: Assert failure in debug under low memory conditions.
  • WG-64503 Fixed: (Mac Authoring) WwiseConsole incorrectly handles UNIX absolute paths.
  • WG-64504 Fixed: Music Clip property curves are not deleted when the corresponding Work Unit is unloaded.
  • WG-64512 Fixed: Assert failure in streaming manager under low memory conditions.
  • WG-64585 Fixed: Inadvertent changes to assigned Media IDs after reloading Work Units.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-59752 Fixed: Crashes or invalid audio in Reflect in low memory situations.
  • WG-62385 Fixed: The following arguments to WwiseConsole waapi-server are ignored: –wamp-max-clients and –http-max-clients.
  • WG-63559 Fixed: Possible crash when playing back a 3D-positioned LFE-only source while 3D Audio is enabled.
  • WG-63852 Fixed: Stack overflow in CAkSpeakerPan::ComputeSN3DphericalHarmonics when panning some audio to a 5th-order ambisonic bus.
  • WG-64052 Fixed: Wwise slowdown when playing media that has a read-only AKD file.
  • WG-64110 Fixed: Crash when selecting an unresolved item in the Game Sync Monitor.
  • WG-64246 Fixed: AkXMLErrorMessageTranslator crashes if terminated while in use.
  • WG-64282 Fixed: Deadlock in AK::JobMgr::Internal::JobPool_initEntry in some cases when suspending audio rendering, or running without a primary output device.
  • WG-64285 Fixed: Bus and auxiliary bus properties are affected by RTPCs/States set on an ancestor object. This bug occurs in Wwise Authoring only.
  • WG-64287 Fixed: Crashes or memory stomps while Wwise Profiler is connected to a game.
  • WG-64403 Fixed: High volume spikes caused by voice RTPCs with modulator.
  • WG-64449 Fixed: (WwiseConsole) Crash when background media conversion is requested during a WAAPI session.
  • WG-64478 Fixed: Unintended object ID reassignment during Work Unit reload. Such changes occur when an object is moved from one Work Unit to another.
  • WG-64494 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Crash when removing a Geometry Instance.
  • WG-64502 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Deadlock when passing invalid geometry data to Spatial Audio.
  • WG-64584 Fixed: Crash in PlatformWaitForHwVoices in low-memory scenarios.

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