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Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2022.1.5

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2022.1.4 and version 2022.1.5.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

New Features

  • WG-65199 ( Added Visual Studio 2022 target support for the Authoring plug-in part.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-60217 When using an AkChannelMask on a Game Object via AK::SoundEngine::SetMultiplePositions, the channel mask was previously only applied to Audio Objects when they were mixed down to a non-Audio Objects bus. Now, the channel mask is also applied when Audio Objects are processed by any Audio Objects bus. When an AkChannelMask is applied to an Audio Object, only the channels set in the mask are included, and the resulting Audio Object has a reduced channel configuration based on the number of channels that are included. For example, applying a mask of AK_SPEAKER_FRONT_RIGHT | AK_SPEAKER_SIDE_LEFT to a quadraphonic Audio Object converts it into a stereo Audio Object consisting of the FR and SL channels from the original Audio Object. Most notably, this means that AkChannelMasks are now properly applied to Audio Objects, which are ultimately sent to an endpoint as System Audio Objects. This also improves the results of some Object Processor Effects, such as Compressor, which previously might have incorrectly incorporated channels into their processing that were yet to be masked out.
  • WG-64863 Multichannel sources that are mixed to an ambisonic bus now have a loudness similar to their loudness when panned to a non-ambisonic bus. Specifically, this change increases the volume of multichannel sources for ambisonics by several decibels, depending on their channel count. For example, there will be an increase of +3db for a stereo source and +6db for a quadraphonic source. In practice, this means that any corrections to the mix that were made specifically for this situation can be removed.
  • WG-65329 In the Remote Connections dialog, content is automatically sorted with Local host entries at the top of the IP Address / Device ID column.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-63556 Fixed: Project Explorer toolbar is not re-enabled after playback ends.
  • WG-63943 Fixed: In the Paste Properties dialog, the expand/collapse states of the properties tree are preserved when we toggle filter mode.
  • WG-64839 Fixed: Cannot build Authoring plug-ins without MFC.
  • WG-65028 Fixed: Modified files do not appear in the Subversion Commit dialog.
  • WG-65507 Fixed: Threading issue (invalid data access) during audio file conversion.
  • WG-65588 Fixed: Crash when there is a syntax error in a WAQL query in which a Query object is used.
  • WG-65607 Fixed: Changes to Game Object 3D Viewer Options are not applied after a capture.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-45904 Fixed: Possible crash or assert when changing a Music Segment position during playback.
  • WG-58610 Fixed: (WAAPI) ak.wwise.core.soundbank.generate doesn't generate SoundBanks when no soundbank, language, and/or platform is provided if the key is provided as an empty array in the arguments. Now SoundBank generation logs are returned in ak.wwise.core.soundbank.generate.
  • WG-61704 Fixed: Meter plug-in doesn't meter properly when on objects in the Actor-Mixer hierarchy.
  • WG-62164 Fixed: In the Transitions tab of an Object Tab, changes to column widths are reset when changing focus.
  • WG-64397 Fixed: Source Control Log window appears during successful Check-Out and Add operations.
  • WG-64440 Fixed: Possible crash when calling a Stop All Action with an exception list when playing a continuous Switch Container after the SoundBank containing it was unloaded.
  • WG-64576 Fixed: Crash in AKPerf::PostPipelineStats while running multiple streams with Wwise Authoring connected to the sound engine runtime.
  • WG-64918 Fixed: Possible crash when stopping Switch or Blend Containers playing in Continuous mode after assets are unloaded.
  • WG-65078 Fixed: Crash when reporting the ErrorCode_MusicRendererSeekingFailed error message if no valid game object was specified.
  • WG-65296 Fixed: Benign "Wwise audio out of range: ComputeSpeakerMatrix2D" error when AkInitSettings::bDebugOutOfRangeCheckEnabled is enabled and decoding an ambisonic source to standard channel configuration.
  • WG-65439 Fixed: FilePackager cannot package media files tagged as "OtherBank".
  • WG-65464 Fixed: (WAAPI) The user interface remains in a broken state when ak.wwise.core.undo.endGroup returns an error.
  • WG-65465 Fixed: (WAAPI) Call to end Undo Group fails after creating Work Units.
  • WG-65470 Fixed: Switch values can lead to ID clashes, setting the Switch has no effect.
  • WG-65653 Fixed: (WAAPI) Using ak.wwise.core.soundbank.generate with argument skipLanguages equal to true does not generate SoundBanks.
  • WG-65670 Fixed: AK Convolution Reverb curve ID conflicts on Work Unit reload.
  • WG-65722 Fixed: When playing an object, the object selected in the Transport Control is immediately overridden by the last selection in the results list of the Query Editor.
  • WG-65746 Fixed: Media ID changes after reloading Work Units.
  • WG-65759 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Diffraction paths are sometimes lost when the listener is positioned parallel to a portal's wall.

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