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Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2022.1.7

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2022.1.6 and version 2022.1.7.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

Performance Changes

  • WG-65225 When using Wwise's default memory allocator, all allocations now go to a single global heap instead of relying on thread-local heaps. This should significantly lower the amount of memory reserved by Wwise throughout the lifetime of the process, and allow the memory reservation over time to be stable and more predictable.

    If significant CPU contention over the global heap is observed, due to heavy multi-threaded activity in Wwise, a new configuration setting for Wwise's default memory allocator is now available, AkMemSettings::uMaxThreadLocalHeapAllocSize. This can be used to configure at what threshold memory allocations are serviced by thread-local heaps instead of the global heap. It is set to 0 by default.

    Note that even if AkMemSettings::uMaxThreadLocalHeapAllocSize is set to a non-zero value, memory allocations that occur on threads that have not executed AK::MemoryMgr::InitForThread continue to use the global heap. This is intended to avoid the unintentional creation of thread-local heaps when interacting with some Sound Engine APIs on non-Wwise threads which had not executed AK::MemoryMgr::InitForThread or AK::MemoryMgr::TermForThread.

    Also, the default sizes used to reserve new blocks of memory by calling AkMemSettings::pfAllocVM are now 2MiB on all platforms, which allows for better opportunities to utilize 2MiB page mappings. This can reduce translation lookaside buffer (TLB) misses incurred during sound engine execution, helping improve performance slightly. In addition, rpmalloc is now configured so that it caches less unused memory and releases memory more readily during periods of low memory use.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-61028 Fixed: Possible crash when changing the WAV file while interacting with the Source Editor.
  • WG-65000 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Reflections are unstable when reflecting off of multiple coincident surfaces and can sometimes leak through closed geometries.
  • WG-65525 Fixed: RTPC used twice on a sound is entirely disabled if only one of the RTPCs is removed.
  • WG-65860 Fixed: Possible crash on RTPC tab when undoing an action if the curve is pinned.
  • WG-66084 Fixed: Audiokinetic's default implementation of memory allocation debug functions (supplied in AkMemSettings) is not thread-safe.
  • WG-66085 Fixed: Possible crash in monitoring code AkDataCreatorBase::Grow().
  • WG-66813 Fixed: Some background tasks are delayed.
  • WG-66842 Fixed: New RTPC additions to an active plug-in are not synchronized correctly.
  • WG-66987 Fixed: Authoring changes to RTPC default value are not synched with active plug-ins.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-63861 Fixed: Unreal "Generated Sound Banks Folder User Override" setting name doesn't match Wwise Authoring name "Root Output Path".
  • WG-65198 Fixed: Crash in Vorbis conversion following file conversion error or source control error.
  • WG-65300 Fixed: Validation of source control operations during SoundBank generation results in false checkout errors.
  • WG-65918 Fixed: The SoundBank Metadata for Busses and Aux Busses does not have the MaxAttenuation attribute when an Attenuation is set and the option is enabled in the Project Settings.
  • WG-65947 Fixed: For a project under version control, some SoundBank files do not appear in the Submit Changes or Commit dialog.
  • WG-66058 Fixed: Hang in AK Convolution when running the sound engine with some non-power-of-two values set for AkInitSettings::uNumSamplesPerFrame.
  • WG-66609 Fixed: File differences in WEM when converted with "Background Analysis" option ON vs OFF leads to differences in metadata. It is possible to work around the problem by deleting all .akd files before regenerating.
  • WG-66806 Fixed: Assert in AkGameSyncValueTreeItem::Term when UnregisterGameObj is called while local modulators are still active on it.

Documentation Improvements

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