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Wwise SDK 2023.1.4
Release Notes 2023.1

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2022.1.8 and version 2023.1.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

New Features

  • WG-29468 Added support for up to 255 Effects per object.
  • WG-39278 (WAAPI) Added support for Work Units in ak.wwise.core.object.delete, ak.wwise.core.object.move, ak.wwise.core.object.copy, ak.wwise.core.object.create, and ak.wwise.core.object.set.
  • WG-42230 (Spatial Audio) Diffraction paths are now found across corners as well as edges. This significantly reduces incidents of paths cutting in/out abruptly as objects go behind barriers and results in smoother audio output.
  • WG-44681 (WAAPI) Music Switch Containers can now be created and organized with WAAPI using ak.wwise.core.object.set.
  • WG-47295 (WAAPI) Rewrote the Sequence Container object model using object lists, which makes the sequence available through WAAPI.
  • WG-52539 Added new functions to the IAkPluginServiceMixer interface allowing plug-ins to use the existing high-performance biquad filter functionality available in Wwise instead of a custom-made solution.
  • WG-53279 Added a lightweight solution to the Reflect plug-in to suppress phasing issues caused by interference between reflections and the direct sound.
  • WG-54869 (WAAPI) ak.wwise.core.object.set now supports importing audio files on multiple object types, including Work Units, Virtual Folders, Containers, Sounds, Audio File Sources, Music Segments, Source plug-ins, and Effect plug-ins.
  • WG-57314 Added Motion and Reflect plug-ins to the Integration Demo. It was also modified to allow other plug-in demos in the future.
  • WG-57421 (WAAPI) Added function ak.wwise.core.profiler.saveCapture to save profiler captures.
  • WG-58608 (WAAPI) Added source control API. Refer to ak.wwise.core.sourceControl.add, ak.wwise.core.sourceControl.checkOut, ak.wwise.core.sourceControl.commit, ak.wwise.core.sourceControl.delete, ak.wwise.core.sourceControl.getSourceFiles, ak.wwise.core.sourceControl.getStatus, ak.wwise.core.sourceControl.move, ak.wwise.core.sourceControl.revert, and ak.wwise.core.sourceControl.setProvider.
  • WG-58676 (WAAPI) Introduced a JSON anonymous object accessor in the return options to group properties by object.
  • WG-59020 Steering panner can now output to ambisonic busses.
  • WG-59482 (Spatial Audio) The Wwise Spatial Audio library can now perform room containment calculations internally. Previously, it was necessary for you to assign a Game Object to a Room using the AK::SpatialAudio::SetGameObjectInRoom API. Now, this containment calculation can be performed automatically as long as each Room is assigned geometry using the AkRoomParams::GeometryInstanceID. If you want to override the internal Room containment calculation, call AK::SpatialAudio::SetGameObjectInRoom, and Wwise will cease to update the Room automatically for the specified Game Object. You can then call AK::SpatialAudio::UnsetGameObjectInRoom to resume internal Room containment calculation. A new member, AkRoomParams::RoomPriority, has been added to AkRoomParams. It is used by the internal Room containment algorithm to determine which Room to assign to a Game Object when it is physically located inside two Rooms (for example, a Room inside another Room). In this case, the room with the higher priority is assigned.
  • WG-59684 Clicking the Display options button in the Capture Log, Audio Object 3D Viewer, and Game Object 3D Viewer now opens the options in a separate view.
  • WG-60166 (WAAPI) Added support in return options to chain several accessors that return multiple objects. For example,
  • WG-60274 (WAAPI) Improved the user experience when using source control with WAAPI.
  • WG-60358 Listener and emitter room assignments are now automatically computed by Wwise. The automatically assigned room can be overridden by a call to SetGameObjectInRoom or re-enabled by a call to UnsetGameObjectInRoom.
  • WG-60615 (WAAPI) Added new function to expose source control operations.
  • WG-60616 (WAAPI/WAQL) Added new accessors: mediaId, conversionHash, and contentHash.
  • WG-60834 Added a new OriginalsSubFolder column header to tab-delimited import.
  • WG-61101 (WAAPI) Added ak.wwise.core.log.addItem and ak.wwise.core.log.clear for logging.
  • WG-61119 Inspecting the Audio Device now includes Meter and Effects bottom tabs like the other objects. The Bus also includes a bottom tab for the Meter. The meter view can now be set to pinned mode, allowing more than 4 meters with different objects being metered.
  • WG-61181 Added the Audio Device Meter view. It appears at the bottom of the Object Tab when selecting an Audio Device. This meter view replaces the meters that were previously integrated in the Audio Device Editor.
  • WG-61312 You can now resize Soundcaster lists.
  • WG-61374 Replaced the Property Editor with an Object Tab in the Voice Profiler layout to display objects' properties.
  • WG-61962 Multiple threads are now shared for audio file analysis and WEM generation.
  • WG-61965 (WAAPI) Added argument autoCheckOutToSourceControl to
  • WG-62000 (Spatial Audio) Improved path calculation for higher-order diffraction paths. Paths across multiple edges are now optimized to find the shortest possible path, resulting in a more accurate diffraction coefficient.
  • WG-62069 Added new shortcut menus to the Music Segment Editor to convert Music Tracks to Music Subtracks.
  • WG-62096 (WAAPI) Introduced the keyword "as" in the return options to allow an alias to be used in the returned object.
  • WG-62097 (WAAPI) Added new functions in the return options to work on objects lists, such as: first, last, count, at, etc.
  • WG-62153 (WAAPI) Added support to import plug-in media sources through ak.wwise.core.object.set.
  • WG-62630 Wwise can now compute in which room a game object is located.
  • WG-62838 "Push All Modified Objects" mode now synchronizes all modifications to the project upon connection to the game, even for changes made in a prior session. When SoundBanks are loaded after connecting, further synchronization occurs as needed.
  • WG-63206 (WAAPI) Added support for retrieving the Loaded Media information from profiling data.
  • WG-63256 (WAAPI) Added support for retrieving the CPU usage information from profiling data.
  • WG-63257 (WAAPI) Added support for retrieving Performance Monitor counter information from profiling data.
  • WG-63492 (WAAPI) Added new utility function ak.wwise.debug.generateToneWAV to generate test WAV files.
  • WG-63507 Using a geometry that is not watertight for the definition of a room now produces an error message.
  • WG-63574 Added information to the Project Migration dialog to support source control during migration.
  • WG-64050 (Spatial Audio) Reflections can now propagate seamlessly through portals. Reflections might occur on either side of a portal, as well as in intermediate rooms between two portals.
  • WG-64094 (WAAPI) Added support for retrieving the Streamed Media information from profiling data.
  • WG-64095 (Spatial Audio) The new Reverb Zones feature allows you to assign a distinct reverb effect to a specified region inside a Room. A Reverb Zone is a new type of Room, allowing for sound propagation between Rooms without the need for portals. Reverb Zones are particularly useful for spaces not easily delineated by walls, such as covered areas, balconies, and various outdoor environments. Two new API functions have been added to manage Reverb Zones: AK::SpatialAudio::SetReverbZone and AK::SpatialAudio::RemoveReverbZone.
  • WG-64118 (WAAPI) Added the following new functions related to mute/solo:
  • WG-64159 Added a Room ID column in the Game Object List in the Game Object 3D Viewer.
  • WG-64180 (WAAPI) You can now omit the project argument when starting a WAAPI server using WwiseConsole.
  • WG-64194 (WAAPI) Added ak.wwise.ui.project.create and ak.wwise.console.project.create to create and load a new project using WAAPI.
  • WG-64250 Improved graph drawing to give more space to the area where curves appear.
  • WG-64411 Added support for object lists (Effects, RTPC, etc.) in the List View.
  • WG-64882 Height channels now get 3D spatialized instead of being dropped.
  • WG-65095 Loudness Normalization is now more configurable: a loudness target can be set (with a default value of -23 corresponding to the target from prior releases), and it is now possible to normalize based on the Momentary Max value instead of Integrated, which is usually a better fit for short sound effects. The measured loudness values are also now available as columns in the List View and can be queried using WAAPI and WAQL.
  • WG-65100 Added four User Layouts so you can create custom layouts to suit your workflows.
  • WG-65118 Added GetProjectLicenseID to the AK::Wwise::Plugin::Host service, which has been updated to version 2.
  • WG-65177 Clicking or dragging anywhere in the Source Editor's timeline ruler now sets the play cursor time. When dragging the cursor, the time is displayed in a tooltip.
  • WG-65191 When using the Recorder Effect in Wwise Authoring, you can now include "%s" in the Authoring Tool Output Path to add a date and time string to the filename. With this, each invocation of the Recorder Effect creates a new file, instead of reusing the same filename and overwriting the contents.
  • WG-65226 Added an option to display transition zones in the 3D viewer.
  • WG-65437 Added platform argument to *.project.create WAAPI functions. This new argument allows you to indicate the platform(s) supported by the new project.
  • WG-66122 Error messages are now shown on project load when files under .cache are read-only.
  • WG-66350 Waveforms are now shown by default in the List View for Sound SFX objects.
  • WG-66562 Added support for Effect lists in the Multi Editor.
  • WG-66725 In Wwise Project Settings, you can now specify the line ending (LF vs. CRLF) applied when saving project and SoundBank files.
  • WG-67403 You can now open the Attenuation Editor from the Positioning tab of the Property Editor even when Override parent is not selected.
  • WG-67559 Added the experimental Live Media Transfer feature. Refer to User Preferences for details on enabling it.

API Changes

  • WG-53660 Sound Engine nodes (audio, bus, and output device) now support up to 255 Effects. You can use the following functions to set an Effect on slots 0-254 (parameter in_uFXIndex):
  • WG-61084 Removed IAkMixerInputContext from AkSpeakerVolumeMatrixCallbackInfo due to the Mixer plug-in removal.
  • WG-61344 Removed the AK_SCHEDULER_BLOCKING scheduler type flag and the related IAkIOHookBlocking interface. IAkIOHookDeferredBatch is now the only low-level I/O hook interface.
  • WG-62665 Moved function OutputSearchedPaths from AK::StreamMgr::IAkFileLocationResolver to AK::StreamMgr::IAkLowLevelIOHook.
  • WG-63463 Corrected typo in error code name "AK_CannotAddItseflAsAChild."
  • WG-63988 Changed the return value of EstimateHFDamping() from AKRESULT to AkReal32 and it now directly returns the HF Damping value. Removed the argument __ AkReal32 out_hfDamping.
  • WG-64048 (Spatial Audio) Added AkSpatialAudioInitSettings::uMaxEmitterRoomAuxSends to limit the maximum number of game-defined auxiliary sends that can originate from a single emitter.
  • WG-64966 Removed AkMemSettings::bUseDeviceMemAlways in favor of a new setting, AkMemSettings::bEnableSeparateDeviceHeap. AkMemSettings::bEnableSeparateDeviceHeap makes it easier to use just one generic memory heap. If you had AkMemSettings::bUseDeviceMemAlways set to true, you should instead set AkMemSettings::bEnableSeparateDeviceHeap to false, and the custom memory hooks you had set for AkMemSettings::AllocDeviceVM and AkMemSettings::FreeDeviceVM should instead be set for AkMemSettings::AllocVM and AkMemSettings::FreeVM.
  • WG-65130 (Spatial Audio) Removed AkGeometryParams::EnableTriangles and replaced it with AkGeometryInstanceParams::UseForReflectionAndDiffraction.
  • WG-65303 Simplified AK::StreamMgr::IAkLowLevelIOHook interface:
    • I/O functions no longer have to provide a return value.
    • Callbacks now only have to be fired for each individual operation and must always be called without exception.
  • WG-65602 (Spatial Audio) Changed the default values of AkSpatialAudioInitSettings to support the ongoing evolution of Spatial Audio. The default settings are a good starting point for most projects. You will need to review and adjust them as necessary to find a balance between performance and quality for your specific product and platform.
  • WG-66128 (Spatial Audio) The use of AkGeometryInstanceParams::RoomID is now deprecated and the parameter will be removed in a future version. We recommend that you do not use RoomID and instead leave it set to the default value (-1).
  • WG-66185 Added new SDK function AK::SoundEngine::IsPluginRegistered.
  • WG-66667 The sample functions for AKPLATFORM::AllocVM and AKPLATFORM::FreeVM, as well as some other virtual memory-related functions and definitions, have been moved from AkPlatformFuncs.h to AkMemoryMgrFuncs.h. Because of these changes, it might be necessary to modify or add to some header inclusions in code to resolve compiler errors.
  • WG-67001 Added size member to AkMarkerCallbackInfo, added size argument to AddOutputCaptureMarker, and fixed display of concurrent markers in Wwise Wave Viewer.
  • WG-67058 Moved the core types for AK_SIMD from AkSimd.h to AkSimdTypes.h. You might need to modify some header inclusions in code to resolve compilation errors.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-31188 The .akd file contents have been moved to a database inside the project's .cache folder. Existing .akd files can be deleted.
  • WG-47959 Arguments given to WwiseConsole that interact with an existing project are now relative to the console's current working directory instead of the project's directory.
  • WG-59985 Command add-ons using the redirectOutput option now start a process with a hidden window.
  • WG-61331 In the Voice Monitor Bus field, Master Audio Bus is now selected by default.
  • WG-61333 Spatial Audio rays are now expanded by default in the Contribution List of the Voice Inspector. Right-click the Contribution List to disable this functionality using the new Auto Expand Spatial Audio option.
  • WG-61770 Improved the ray tracing engine by continuously casting a small number of rays. The casting of rays no longer depends on the motion threshold setting (see AkSpatialAudioInitSettings). Rays are no longer cleared between calls to the ray tracing engine. Instead, they are kept until they become invalid. Casting rays continuously better distributes the CPU load among frames, reducing CPU spikes. And the default number of primary rays has been lowered to 10.
  • WG-62723 Creating a Sound SFX from the Project Explorer shortcut menu using a source plug-in now brings focus to the object name first and then to the Object Tab, similar to all other newly created objects.
  • WG-62888 AK Convolution Reverb IR can now be updated when Wwise is connected to a game without regenerating SoundBanks.
  • WG-63600 List search filter is now visible by default in the Multi Editor, the Keyboard Shortcuts and Commands dialog, and the Object Property Settings dialog of the List View.
  • WG-64024 (Wwise Console) The project argument is now optional for the waapi-server operation.
  • WG-64046 (Spatial Audio) Portal spread calculation now takes into account the listener's angle away from the front of a portal.
  • WG-64358 In the options dialogs for the Capture Log, Game Object 3D Viewer, and Audio Object 3D Viewer, moved Reset button from lower-right corner to lower-left corner to avoid confusion with typical placement of cancel buttons.
  • WG-64817 The Wwise toolbar now displays the name of the task running in the background if there is only one task. Otherwise, the number of tasks in execution and on hold is displayed.
  • WG-65038 (Spatial Audio) Geometric transmission loss now overrides room transmission loss if geometry is available to a room. Previously, Spatial Audio took the maximum of the geometric (surface) transmission loss and the room transmission loss values. However, this made it problematic to have a room with mixed transmissive and opaque surfaces. Having such a room would necessitate setting the room transmission loss value to the lowest surface transmission loss value, which would then make the reverb and room tones fully audible. By ignoring the room transmission loss value when geometry is available, the room transmission loss can now be set to a representative average and can be used effectively for reverb spatialization and room tone transmission simulation.
  • WG-65089 When using SetObjectObstructionAndOcclusion() with Spatial Audio, the obstruction and occlusion values are now only sent to the direct path.
  • WG-65361 When changing the acoustic texture associated with an image source across two frames, the output signal of the Reflect plug-in now ducks and fades back in. Previously, only the contribution of the image source was affected, but in a harsher way. Note, the recommended way to handle the real-time swap of acoustic textures is to use a different image source ID.

Performance Changes

  • WG-53649 Converted the Parametric EQ Effect from an In-Place Effect to an In-Place Object Processor. This means it is now instantiated only once per Audio Objects bus, as opposed to once per Audio Object. This saves some memory and significantly improves performance. For example, when running on an Audio Objects bus with many single-channel Audio Objects, the throughput performance should increase by up to a factor of four. Note that even though it is now considered an Object Processor, there are no other notable changes to the behavior or functionality.
  • WG-57311 Reduced the number of small memory allocations made by Spatial Audio.
  • WG-59366 The Source Control status icons of Work Units are now fetched asynchronously, which speeds up project loading and some source control operations. The Refresh Icons command is also faster.
  • WG-61576 Significantly improved performance of Event Actions such as Stop All, Pause All, Seek All, and Resume All, among others. Spikes in CPU usage that were seen with the use of these actions will be mostly eliminated.
  • WG-62148 Slightly improved performance when doing RMS metering of audio data.
  • WG-65815 Audio metadata of Originals files are now persistently cached, so that running Queries based on Audio Source duration or channel count, or generating the "Estimated Duration" metadata during SoundBank generation, now run much faster. After the cache has been populated, these operations on large projects now only take a few seconds to run, instead of several minutes.
  • WG-66168 It's no longer necessary to associate geometries with Rooms to improve CPU performance.
  • WG-66253 Audio buffers for mixing busses are now cleared at the start of their respective mixing operations instead of during CAkLEngine::ReleaseBuffersAndFeedbackAsync. This eliminates most of the cost of CAkLEngine::ReleaseBuffersAndFeedbackAsync.
  • WG-66254 The function used for conversion from decibels to linear gains now returns an exact result of 1.0f for an input of 0.0f, instead of 0.999039. Some optimizations that try to save on the application of gains can now check for results of 1.0f more reliably, making their results more relevant. An example of this is reducing the overhead of Audio Objects.
  • WG-66256 The 3D Audio Mixer Effect, and final mix-and-triage of Objects for 3D Audio devices, now perform a simpler mixdown when the source and destination buffers have the same configuration.
  • WG-66258 The audio format of original files is now persisted in a local database for faster access during Wwise Authoring operations.
  • WG-67234 Significantly improved the performance of Audio Objects busses in many situations. Metadata and audio data for Audio Objects no longer create separate memory allocations, or perform copies of the data, when there is only one output connection from a source bus to a destination bus that is processing as Audio Objects. Busses that have multiple output connections due to aux sends or because they are attached to a multi-positioned game object with listener-relative routing still require separate copies of data.
  • WG-67320 Integrated a new memory allocation system, "Temp Alloc", into the sound engine specifically for handling allocations that are only applicable for a single audio-render tick. This is used for audio buffers for audio busses, as well as metadata for audio objects. In most cases, this greatly reduces the number of memory allocations performed during audio rendering, improves performance in some multi-threaded scenarios, and slightly reduces fragmentation of memory pools used for audio processing. For more information on how to tune and manage this new system, refer to Tuning "Temp Alloc" Memory. Note that as a part of this change, it is no longer possible for "Feedback" connections in the Voice Graph to be consumed by Audio Objects busses. This use case could create many other subtle and fatal issues, so it is no longer supported. Applications that create feedback scenarios due to Wwise Spatial Audio or other tools for handling audio propagation, must ensure that the destination busses of any feedback connections are mixing busses instead.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-56589 Removed Mixer plug-ins. The AK Channel Router Mixer plug-in is now an Effect plug-in. Any custom Mixer plug-ins must be migrated to Effect plug-ins. Refer to Removal of Mixer Plug-ins for more details.
  • WG-57597 Removed the deprecated Wwise Motion Generator Source plug-in.
  • WG-60924 Replaced the term "Workgroup" with the more commonly used "Source Control" throughout the user interface.
  • WG-62998 (WAAPI) Removed the file WwiseAuthoringAPI.json, which was previously located in the installation directory <Wwise>\Authoring\Data\Schemas. It is now split into several files, which are all located in the directory <Wwise>\Authoring\Data\Schemas\WAAPI.
  • WG-64758 Added new macros, AK_DISABLE_OPTIMIZATIONS and AK_ENABLE_OPTIMIZATIONS, to selectively disable and enable optimizations in parts of Wwise code, which might be useful when debugging certain problems.
  • WG-65150 Visual C++ Redistributable binaries are now installed alongside Wwise rather than globally.
  • WG-65157 Moved binary files located under the Tools directory, such as the FilePackager, alongside the Wwise Authoring application executable.
  • WG-66118 Upgraded the Perforce Source Control plug-in against the Perforce 2023.1 and OpenSSL 3.1.1 libraries.
  • WG-68127 Changed SoundBank generation log message from "Header output path" to "Root output path".

Bug Fixes

  • WG-55217 Fixed: When column widths are reset to default, they are too small in High DPI.
  • WG-58205 Fixed: Search field in the List View does not show the keyboard shortcut when empty.
  • WG-58830 Fixed: Adding a property, such as color, to a Control Surface Session corrupts the project.
  • WG-60296 Fixed: Cursor moves to Contents Editor when inspecting objects.
  • WG-60477 Fixed: Unloading the parent Work Unit of an object in the Soundcaster can lead to asserts and incorrect colors.
  • WG-61762 Fixed: Not enough space for the Object Tab under the SoundBank Manager. The SoundBank layout has been changed to remove the Object Tab and include the SoundBank Editor and Property Editor.
  • WG-62760 Fixed: Wwise crashes after adding a Sequence Container to the playlist of another Sequence Container.
  • WG-62910 Fixed: When a view is maximized and then closed, reopening the view creates a view that is full screen.
  • WG-63299 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) An assert is triggered in NudgeToShadowZone() when calculating diffraction on certain geometries.
  • WG-63332 Fixed: Creating plug-ins with WAAPI sometimes shows blocking message dialogs.
  • WG-63479 Fixed: Buttons at the bottom of the Project Launcher dialog are sometimes cropped prematurely when making the dialog smaller vertically.
  • WG-63485 Fixed: AK Convolution Reverb IR begin and end trim are sometimes reset when updating the WAV file.
  • WG-64251 Fixed: When selecting an Event, the Property Editor title is updated to "Event Editor," but when an audio structure is selected, the title doesn't change back to "Property Editor".
  • WG-64281 Fixed: Can't use shortcut menu in Search tool results without inspecting the object.
  • WG-64283 Fixed: The reverb estimation service's EstimateHFDamping() function gives an incorrect value that is inconsistent with the definition of HF damping.
  • WG-64342 Fixed: WaveViewer.exe doesn't output any audio.
  • WG-64457 Fixed: Crash when closing Wwise after generating an AKD file on a huge audio file.
  • WG-64913 Fixed: Crash when switching from Offline Rendering mode to Real-time mode.
  • WG-64947 Fixed: Advanced Profiler tabs are not populated until the cursor is moved.
  • WG-65039 Fixed: Play icons in sequence playlists are not as clear as they could be. Now clear, individual icons are used for things like playing parent and delay.
  • WG-65210 Fixed: Effects don't fit well in the horizontal space of the secondary editor in Object Tabs and the secondary editor doesn't return to default size when the layout is reset.
  • WG-65331 Fixed: The Voice Inspector shows send values that are not applicable to the selected path if a Game Object has multiple sends to the same auxiliary bus but with different listeners.
  • WG-65358 Fixed: Deadlock during multi-core audio processing.
  • WG-65377 Fixed: User Interface elements like group boxes are drawn too thin with High DPI enabled.
  • WG-65472 Fixed; Modifying weight has no effect on child Switch or Blend containers.
  • WG-65479 Fixed: With certain combinations of screen resolution and scaling, some buttons in the Error Report tool are inaccessible.
  • WG-65593 Fixed: For instance-based views like the Meter, the tooltip mentions changing the selection channel rather than changing the instance.
  • WG-65649 Fixed: Possible deadlock when shutting down Wwise when using WAAPI.
  • WG-65766 Fixed: The OK and Cancel buttons in the New Project dialog are sometimes cropped.
  • WG-65887 Fixed: Contrast in Game Object 3D Viewer isn't good, especially in the Light theme.
  • WG-65926 Fixed: Panning multichannel sources or busses to a monaural bus has noticeably higher loudness than when panning the same source to a non-monaural bus.
  • WG-66129 Fixed: Some long error messages in the Capture Log are cut off.
  • WG-66132 Fixed: Event Editor is empty when creating an Event through the object shortcut menu.
  • WG-66137 Fixed: Possible crash in the Nuendo Game Audio Connect plug-in synchronization.
  • WG-66305 Fixed: Loading a Soundbank that has a reference to an unknown State Group returns a failure. Instead, the missing State Group is created with a transition time of 0s.
  • WG-66418 Fixed: (WAAPI) No error reported when attempting to import a WAV file as a Sound into an existing Voice of the same name.
  • WG-66589 Fixed: Cannot provide a version as a string in custom command JSON file.
  • WG-66621 Fixed: Using the arrow buttons to increase/decrease property values in Interactive Music items breaks the sequence of Tab navigation.
  • WG-66697 Fixed: When opening different versions of Wwise on the same computer, any docked view known to only one version of Wwise disappears when opening any of the other versions of Wwise.
  • WG-66729 Fixed: An Event Editor window is not opened when creating Events for more than one object.
  • WG-66756 Fixed: In Debug builds of Wwise, some Current View shortcuts generate asserts when executed in some views.
  • WG-66764 Fixed: Integration Demo crashes when handling a lot of errors at the same time.
  • WG-67112 Fixed: Associating a segment in a Music Switch Container doesn't enable or disable the buttons accordingly in the Transport Control and Soundcaster.
  • WG-67256 Fixed: Language Manager item in Project menu is named Languages rather than Language Manager.
  • WG-67318 Fixed: Invalid audio data is sometimes used for bus metering and by the Compressor, Expander, and Reflect plug-ins.
  • WG-67367 Fixed: Transport Control's Game Syncs lists (RTPCs, State Groups, Switch Groups) are missing some items.
  • WG-67441 Fixed: Miscalculation in edge case of onset detection.
  • WG-67941 Fixed: Some lines appear transparent when the Voice Monitor view is undocked.
  • WG-68223 Fixed: Compressor and Expander Effects sometimes cause audio glitches when processing more than one Audio Object at one time.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-39193 Fixed: Event short IDs are not updated after renaming.
  • WG-43538 Fixed: Possible crash when working with the Playlist of a Sequence Container.
  • WG-44631 Fixed: Can't audition items selected in Search tool results using the spacebar.
  • WG-49914 Fixed: (WAAPI) It's not possible to automatically check out Work Units when saving a project. The argument autoAddToSourceControl has been added to function The default value is false.
  • WG-51233 Fixed: It's not possible to create Work Units in the Events hierarchy during tab-delimited import.
  • WG-54872 Fixed: (WAAPI) Command FindProjectExplorerSyncGroup1 fails to select multiple objects.
  • WG-55164 Fixed: Changing a property of an existing object through tab-delimited import can lead to duplication of the object.
  • WG-60190 Fixed: Incorrect display in Voice Monitor in Bus Input mode when a voice outputs to a mix of HDR and non-HDR busses.
  • WG-60670 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Portal Obstruction and Occlusion are not applied when there is an intermediate room between Emitter and Listener.
  • WG-60975 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Sudden change in panning when entering rooms that have multiple portals.
  • WG-62158 Fixed: Assert in CAkSrcMedia::PrepareNextBuffer when causing a state transition on the same audio tick as a seek command on a voice running with high-latency decoding.
  • WG-63296 Fixed: Source Editor incorrectly report errors after floating point errors.
  • WG-63450 Fixed: Possible crash when saving a project with files to check out.
  • WG-63589 Fixed: (WAAPI) Missing support for "soundbanks" and "spatialAudioRaycasting" in ak.wwise.core.profiler.enableProfilerData.
  • WG-64858 Fixed: Audio does not come back when using SetOfflineRendering to false to resume normal playback.
  • WG-64934 Fixed: Removed RTPC curve in Wwise isn't removed in runtime Sound Engine upon Wwise connection.
  • WG-65184 Fixed: Possible crash when removing an Effect.
  • WG-66145 Fixed: Assert in AK::SoundEngine::ReplaceOutput call when called with default parameters.
  • WG-66303 Fixed: Possible crash after doing source operations in the File Manager.
  • WG-66366 Fixed: Performance issue when loading large SoundBanks with numerous active sounds.
  • WG-66370 Fixed: AK::SoundEngine::ReplaceOutput locks.
  • WG-66468 Fixed: Wwise_IDs.h is not managed by source control even if the Use Source Control for Generated Files option is enabled in the SoundBanks settings.
  • WG-66836 Fixed: Inconsistent handling of streamed Music Tracks that begin playback as a virtual voice.
  • WG-67027 Fixed: Possible assert in debug when multiple music transitions occur at the same time.
  • WG-67031 Fixed: (WAAPI) no longer reports an error when a warning or an error is found in the log after doing an import. The log is now also returned in the result.
  • WG-67125 Fixed: Sounds with Listener Relative Routing enabled, 3D Spatialization set to None, playing on a multipositioned Game Object, and routed to an Audio Objects bus create separate Audio Objects for each of the corresponding Game Object's multiple positions. Now, only one Audio Object will be created, which ensures that the loudness of the playing sound stays consistent regardless of the number of Game Object positions set.
  • WG-67128 Fixed: Crash when editing some properties while lists are being reloaded.
  • WG-67187 Fixed: Possible crash when using arrow keys in the Convolution IR info control.
  • WG-67349 Fixed: Some characters, such as dash, are not accepted in language names used in WAAPI SoundBank generation.
  • WG-67469 Fixed: The MaxAttenuation attribute in a SoundBank XML file can trigger an invalid format error.
  • WG-68026 Fixed: AK::SoundEngine::TryUnsetMedia doesn't succeed for active MIDI files.
  • WG-68039 Fixed: Streamed sounds going virtual don't release their file handles.
  • WG-68060 Fixed: Possible crash when typing Perforce password.

Fixes since the Beta for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-67276 Fixed: The playback duration of Random Containers is reported as 0.
  • WG-67900 Fixed: Crash when doing a Control Surface Learn with a MIDI device.
  • WG-67901 Fixed: Possible crash when importing audio files.
  • WG-67988 Fixed: Output Bus and other object properties cannot be unlinked.
  • WG-68112 Fixed: Switch Containers set to Continuous don't stop playing sound, nor apply Fade-in/Fade-out.

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