Wwise SDK 2023.1.5
Create Recurring Calls to Perform Audio Processing


Now that the sound engine has been fully initialized, we need to make some recurring calls so the various modules can process data. This is typically done in the game loop, once per frame. Our sample program will call the following function at more or less regular intervals in the main message loop:

void ProcessAudio()
... Recurring call to the sound engine will be done here ...

Sound Engine Processing

We call AK::SoundEngine::RenderAudio() so the sound engine processes all pending bank load/unload requests, events, position changes, states, switches, RTPCs, etc. If communications are enabled, they are also processed within RenderAudio().

void ProcessAudio()
// Process bank requests, events, positions, RTPC, etc.

Refer to Integrating Events in Your Game for more information.

You have now set up the frame rendering for your game. To continue, refer to Terminate the Different Modules of the Sound Engine.

AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT RenderAudio(bool in_bAllowSyncRender=true)

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