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Using the Project Migration Commandlet

The Wwise Unreal plug-in includes a Commandlet you can use to migrate your Unreal projects to Wwise version 2022.1 from the command line.

Commandlet Usage and Parameters

Usage of the Commandlet is:

<UnrealEditor.exe> <path_to_uproject> -run=AkMigration [ [-transfer-bank-waapi] OR [-generate-bank-definition=<Path/To/Save/FileName>.tsv] ][-ignore-bank-errors] [-transfer-bank-autoload] [-delete-banks] [-migrate-assets] [-update-settings] [-delete-deprecated-assets] [-generated-soundbanks-folder=<Path/To/Folder>]

The following parameters perform the same operations available in the Migration Window. These operations are detailed in the Upgrading Projects to Wwise 2022.1 page.

  • transfer-bank-waapi: (Optional) Transfers SoundBanks in the Unreal project to Wwise through WAAPI. This parameter cannott be used with 'generate-bank-definition'.
  • generate-bank-definition: (Optional) Creates a SoundBank definition file at the specified path. Use an absolute file path (C:...). You must then manually import the file into Wwise manually to create the SoundBanks. This parameter cannot be used with 'transfer-bank-waapi'.
    • ignore-bank-errors (Optional) Ignores any errors that occurred during bank transfer through WAAPI or when writing to the SoundBank Definition file and continues migration.
  • transfer-bank-autoload: (Optional) Transfer the AkAudioBank AutoLoad property to assets grouped in it.
  • delete-banks: (Optional) Deletes all SoundBank assets in the Unreal project after the transfer is complete.
  • delete-deprecated-assets: (Optional) Deletes all deprecated Wwise assets that are still in the project.
  • migrate-assets: (Optional) Migrates the Wwise assets in the project.
  • update-settings: (Optional) Updates the Wwise and Unreal Project settings.
    • generated-soundbanks-folder: (Optional) The path to the GeneratedSoundBanks folder used with the 'update-settings' switch. Use an absolute file path (C:/...). This parameter sets the Generated Sound Banks Folder setting in the Unreal project.
  • help: (Optional) Prints a message that describes all parameters and quits the Commandlet immediately.

Example Usage

C:\UE_5.0\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UnrealEditor-Cmd.exe C:\MyProjects\Demo\WwiseDemoGame.uproject -run=AkMigration -transfer-bank-waapi -transfer-bank-autoload -delete-banks -migrate-assets -delete-deprecated-assets -update-settings -generated-soundbanks-folder="C:/Project/WwiseProject/GeneratedSoundBanks"
The Commandlet window closes as soon as the command is executed. To output the results of the command to a text file, add > log.txt to the end of your command. A text file named log.txt is created in the current directory and contains any errors or warnings.

Order of Operations

The migration operations are performed in the same order as the in-editor migration, regardless of the order of the parameters in the command line. The order is as follows:

  1. Bank migration
    1. Auto Load property transfer
    2. Bank Transfer (WAAPI or SoundBank Definition file)
    3. Deprecated AkAudioBank asset deletion
  2. Wwise asset migration
  3. Deprecated asset deletion
  4. Update project settings

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