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Demo Game

Demonstration scenes, containing the Wwise Unity Integration, are available to download from the Audiokinetic Launcher Unity page under the contextual menu in the "Recent Unity Projects" title. These simple scenes, created using Unity's standard assets exclusively, demonstrate how to use some of the Integration's basic features.


The Wwise Demo Game is a standalone project. It is available to download in the Audiokinetic Launcher. It should not be used as a foundation for your game. Use the Audiokinetic Launcher to integrate Wwise in a new Unity project for this purpose.

  • The generated SoundBanks are included in the package.
  • You can find the Wwise Project associated with the scenes under <DEMO_SCENE_ROOT>/WwiseProject. Leaving the Wwise project in the game's Assets folder is not recommended, but it was necessary in this Demo for packaging purposes.


The Wwise Demo Game is intended as a way to preview and show how the Wwise Unity Integration can be used in the Unity Editor.

To deploy one of the Wwise Demo Game scenes to a game console or mobile device, follow these steps:

  1. Within the Launcher's Unity tab, select the Modify Wwise in Project... option from your Wwise Demo Game Unity Project.
    1. The Launcher's Unity integration page opens.
  2. Add the desired Deployment Platforms and click Modify.
  3. Open the updated version of the project in Unity.
  4. Generate the SoundBanks for the platform.
  5. Copy the Generated SoundBanks folder to the StreamingAssets/Audio folder.
  6. Within Unity, build the scene for your desired platform then deploy to the device.

The Unity Demo Game contains two tutorials:

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