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Adding Plug-ins

All built-in Wwise source and Effect plug-ins are available for use in the Integration by default.

The Effect plug-ins are available as dynamic libraries. These libraries are automatically included in your Unity project depending on their usage in the Wwise project. The list of Effect plug-ins your project uses is compiled when the SoundBanks are generated.

To add a previously unused plug-in to your project, follow these steps:

  1. Use the Effect plug-in in your Wwise project.
  2. Generate your SoundBanks for the platform you are working on.
  3. Switch to your Unity project.
  4. Copy your new SoundBanks to the expected StreamingAssets folder. (If Play in Editor, no need to copy.)
  5. Compile your game (or Play in Editor).

Any other plug-in you previously installed in Wwise using the Launcher is automatically available upon integrating Wwise in your Unity project. However, if you install plug-ins in your Wwise project after integrating Wwise into your Unity project, you must follow the steps covered in Adding Plug-ins to Unity and Unreal Integrations to use the plug-ins in your Integration.

Note, licensed plug-ins are not part of the default Wwise license (McDSP, iZotope, Auro, SoundSeed, Crankcase REV, Convolution Reverb, Motion). You can try them in the authoring application, but not in-game. If you do not have a valid license, contact us. Evaluation licenses are always free.

If you want to create a new Effect plug-in for Wwise (and then Unity), read section Creating New Plug-ins. For iOS, tvOS, and Nintendo Switch, plug-ins must be provided as static libraries. See Plug-in Static Registration. Plug-ins that are included with the integration are automatically registered in a corresponding CPP file generated within the AkPluginActivator.StaticPluginRegistration class. To register your new plug-in, you will have to create a CPP file similar to the following:

namespace AK { class PluginRegistration; };
#define AK_STATIC_LINK_PLUGIN(_pluginName_) extern AK::PluginRegistration _pluginName_##Registration; void *_pluginName_##_fp = (void*)&_pluginName_##Registration;
#include "MyNewPluginFactory.h"
Definition: AkWwiseAcousticTexture.cs:21

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