Wwise Unity Integration Documentation
Managing SoundBanks

The Wwise Unity Integration provides several options for SoundBank management, and has several unique requirements as well. If you use the integration, be aware of the following things:

  • The recommended SoundBank location varies depending on whether you use Unity Addressables or not (The Wwise Addressables Package for Unity). If you use Addressables, you must specify a location within your project's Assets folder to ensure that the SoundBanks are imported propertly. If you are not using Addressables, you can specify a location outside of the project. Refer to Setting the SoundBank Location and Installing the Wwise Unity Addressables Package for more information.
  • You can generate SoundBanks in Unity through the Wwise Picker. Refer to Wwise Picker for more information.
  • Unity developers can use the AkBank class to perform various SoundBank operations such as loading, unloading, and decoding.
  • Auto-defined SoundBanks are not supported, so you must ensure that the appropriate option is disabled in the Wwise project. In Wwise Authoring, go to Project > Project Settings > SoundBanks and ensure that Enable Audo Defined SoundBanks is cleared. Refer to SoundBanks Tab.

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