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Setting the SoundBank Location

When you run a project in the Unity Editor, the SoundBanks are taken directly from the Wwise project's GeneratedSoundBanks folder to increase prototyping speed. The default folder location is …\<UnityProjectName>\Assets\StreamingAssets\Audio\GeneratedSoundBanks.

To change the SoundBanks location, go to Edit > Project Settings > Wwise Editor and update the SoundBanks Path as required.

When Unity packages your project, it does not selectively package assets based on the target platform. Instead, it packages all the SoundBanks located in the specified SoundBanks folder. To ensure that Unity only builds and packages SoundBanks for the required platforms, on the Wwise Editor page, leave Copy SoundBanks at pre-Build step selected.

Alternatively, advanced Unity developers can use a BuildPlayerPipeline script.

If you are using Unity Addressables, the SoundBank options are slightly different. Refer to Setting the Generated SoundBank Location for Addressables.

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Setting the Generated SoundBank Location for Addressables

If you use Unity Addressables in your project, the folder that contains the generated SoundBanks must be located within the project so that the SoundBanks can be properly imported.

To set the generated SoundBanks path, go to Edit > Project Settings > Wwise Editor and change the Generated SoundBanks Path as required. The location must be under the Assets folder.

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