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Game Multimedia Engine (GME) is a real-time game audio SDK developed by Tencent Cloud that supports many types of games. GME provides real-time multi-person voice chat, voice messages, speech-to-text conversion, and more.

For projects that use Wwise, GME provides a comprehensive solution that game developers can use to integrate in-game voice features in creative and immersive ways.

Refer to the GME product page to start an evaluation.

Additional Resources

  • Server API documentation: With the use of GME, Tencent Cloud offers several server APIs for analysis and maintenance of the application, such as Voice Chat APIs and Voice Content Moderation APIs. Refer to the Tencent Cloud website for more information.

  • Case Study: "Suspects: Mystery Mansion" is a social deduction game that features native voice chat, many unique game modes, and regular content updates. The Suspects team replaced their existing voice system API with GME to improve audio quality and have the possibility to control what's sent by the voice channels using the Wwise internal signal flow and spatialization structures, as well as its Effect chains. To learn how GME was used, read the Audiokinetic Blog post GME Voice Chat System in Suspects: Mystery Mansion.

  • Video tutorial: This tutorial on the Tencent Cloud GME YouTube channel walks you through integrating GME into a Wwise project: Using GME Voice Chat in a Wwise Project.

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