Using the GME C++ API

You must call specific APIs before you use the GME service. The exposed C++ API calls are declared in the TencentGMEDevice.h file. These API calls are available to any game that depends on the TencentGME_Wwise module. For a description of each function, refer to Using the GME In-Game Voice Chat API.

    static FString GetGMEVersion();
    static void SetUserID(const FString& userID);
    static void SetRoomID(const FString& roomID);

    static void ReceivePlugin_SetReceiveOpenIDWithGameObjectID(
        AkGameObjectID gameObjectID, const FString& userID);
    static void ReceivePlugin_GetReceiveOpenIDWithGameObjectID(
        AkGameObjectID gameObjectID, FString& userID);
    static void SendPlugin_EnableLoopbackWithGameObjectID(
        AkGameObjectID gameObjectID, bool enableLoopback);
    static bool SendPlugin_GetEnableLoopbackWithGameObjectID(
        AkGameObjectID gameObjectID);

    static void SetRegion(GMEWWisePlugin_Region region);
    static void SetAudioStreamProfile(GMEWWisePlugin_STREAMPROIFLE profile);
    static void SetLogLevel(
        GMEWWisePlugin_LogLevel logLevelWrite,
        GMEWWisePlugin_LogLevel logLevelPrint);
    static void GMEPause();
    static void GMEResume();
    static int GetAudioSendStreamLevel();
    static int GetAudioRecvStreamLevel(const FString& targetID);
    static void AddAudioBlockList(const FString& targetID);
    static void RemoveAudioBlockList(const FString& targetID);
    static void EnableBluetoothMic(bool enable);

    static void SetRangeAudioTeamID(int teamID);
    static void SetRangeAudioTeamMode(GMEWWisePlugin_TeamMode teamMode);
    static void SetRangeAudioRecvRange(int range);
    static void SetSelfPosition(int positionX, int positionY, int positionZ);

    static int StartRecording(const FString& fileid);
    static int StopRecording();
    static int PlayRecordFile(const FString& fileid);
    static int StopPlayFile();
    static int SpeechToText(
        const FString& fileid,
        const FString& speechLanguage,
        const FString& translateLanguage);
    static int GetVoiceFileDuration(const FString& fileid);

    static int GetMessage(
		int& localUTCTime,
		int& messageType,
		int& code,
		FString& message1,
		FString& message2);

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