iOS and macOS Configuration

The iOS and macOS platforms require certain configuration steps.


Because the integration process copies the entire Wwise SDK, there will be a copy of libGMESDK.a in both the TencentGME_Wwise and the Wwise plug-ins for Unreal. You must delete all of the libGMESDK.a files from the various subdirectories of the Wwise plug-in directory in your Unreal project. Otherwise, duplicate libraries will be reported and the build will fail.

Also, in the Unreal project’s Project Settings Window (Edit > Project Settings), go to the iOS platform settings. Add the following microphone permissions for the Plist Data:



GME only provides binaries for Intel Macs and therefore, by default, is not supported in versions of Unreal Engine 5.0 or later since these versions generate Universal builds for Mac which require support for both Intel and Apple Silicon.


GME Mac binaries for Unreal are not available anymore.

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