Adding Platform Components to Your Current Installation

In some situations, you might have to add platform components to your current version of Wwise after the initial installation. For example, you might become an authorized developer for a new platform, you might receive a new license with access to additional plug-ins, or you might decide to add another package. You can install additional platform components through the Audiokinetic Launcher.

To add components to your current installation:

  1. On the Wwise page, find the version of Wwise that you want to update in the VERSIONS INSTALLED section.

  2. In the settings menu, click Modify. A new page opens, in which you can select packages and deployment platforms.

  3. Select the deployment platforms that you want to add and, optionally, any additional packages.

  4. Click Next. The CHOOSE PLUG-INS page opens.

  5. Optionally, select any additional plug-ins that you want to add to Wwise.

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