Installing ReaWwise through ReaPack

ReaPack is the most popular package manager for REAPER. You can use it to discover, install, and update scripts and extensions.

Downloading and Installing ReaPack

If you haven't already, download ReaPack from the ReaPack website. Refer to the ReaPack User Guide for installation instructions.

Importing Audiokinetic's REAPER Tools Repository

Before you can install ReaWwise through ReaPack, you must import Audiokinetic's REAPER Tools repository.

To import the repository:

  1. In the REAPER menu bar, click Extensions > ReaPack > Import Repositories. A dialog opens.

  2. In the dialog, insert the URL of Audiokinetic's REAPER Tools repository:

  3. Click Ok to complete the import.

Installing ReaWwise

After you import the tools repository, install ReaWwise through REAPER.

To install ReaWwise:

  1. In the REAPER menu bar, click Extensions > ReaPack > Browse Packages. A dialog opens and displays a list of packages available for installation.

  2. Right-click the ReaWwise package and select the version that you want to install.

  3. Click Apply in the lower-right corner of the dialog. The ReaWwise package is downloaded and moved to the REAPER UserPlugins directory (refer to Locating the REAPER UserPlugins Directory).

  4. After the plug-in installation is complete, restart REAPER to use the latest version of ReaWwise installed. The ReaWwise extension is now available in the Extensions menu.

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