User Interface Overview

The ReaWwise extension consists of a single dialog, accessible through the Extensions menu in REAPER, with various required and optional fields.

ReaWwise retrieves certain information from Wwise automatically (such as the project path) but also contains various other options that you can use to customize the newly created Wwise object hierarchy, object names and properties, and transfer behavior.

The following image shows the ReaWwise dialog, with some sample data. In this example, the files are ready to transfer to Wwise.

The top portion of the ReaWwise dialog contains several essential paths in the file system and in the Wwise object hierarchy:

  • Project Path. The path of the Wwise project that is currently open in Wwise.

  • Originals Subfolder. The directory to which to transfer the audio files, relative to the current Wwise project’s Originals folder.

  • Import Destination. The location in the Wwise object hierarchy to which to transfer the audio files.

The Wwise Structures table defines the Wwise object hierarchy into which the files will be transferred. Each row of the table lists a type of Wwise object and the mapped REAPER wildcard. The wildcard values determine the names of the corresponding objects that will be created when you transfer the audio files.

In the Selected Row Properties section, you can change the selected row’s Object Type and select different wildcards to use to generate the Object Name.

The following options determine transfer behavior:

  • If Sound Name Exists. Determines what to do if any existing Wwise objects have the same name as the files you want to transfer into Wwise.

  • Apply Template. Determines when to apply property templates, if you are using any.

The preview pane displays the object hierarchy as it will appear in Wwise after the files are transferred. When you change the entries in the Wwise Structures table, the preview pane changes accordingly.

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