ReaWwise Release Notes

This section contains all of the release notes for ReaWwise.


  • New Features

    • SP-1559 Added "ReaWwise: Open", "ReaWwise: Close" and "ReaWwise: Transfer To Wwise" actions to REAPER's action list. And added AK_Json_Clear and AK_Json_ClearAll functions to ReaScript.

  • Miscellaneous Changes

    • SP-784 Made read-only text fields look different from editable ones.

    • SP-1482 Added focus feedback for drop-down lists.

    • SP-1484 Added more tooltips throughout the user interface.

    • SP-1560 Added Actor-Mixer as a possible Object Type for Wwise structures.

  • Bug Fixes

    • SP-1490 Fixed: A corrupted preset file is created when clicking Cancel in the Wwise structures Save Preset dialog.

    • SP-1563 Fixed: Transfer to Wwise button is still available when there are no items in preview pane.

    • SP-1602 Fixed: Import details are wrong when Originals folder is blank.

    • SP-1636 Fixed: When attempting to create a Sound SFX directly under a Physical Folder (an illegal parent/child relationship), no error is generated and the audio files are added to the Originals folder.


  • Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

    • SP-1553 Fixed: With REAPER v6.68, preview pane displays the message "Current Render settings will not result in any rendered files."


  • Initial release.

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