Installing Wwise through the Launcher

This section describes how to install Wwise through the Audiokinetic Launcher, which requires an active Internet connection. For offline installation instructions, refer to Installing Wwise with an Offline Installer.

To install Wwise through the Audiokinetic Launcher:

  1. In the Audiokinetic Launcher, select the Wwise page.

  2. In the Install New Version section, select the version that you want to install from the versions list.

  3. Click Install. A new page opens, in which you can select packages and deployment platforms.

  4. In the Packages list, select Authoring to install the Wwise Authoring Tool.

  5. Select any other packages you want to install.

    To display more information about the different packages, click ? beside the Packages title.

  6. Select the platforms on which you plan to deploy Wwise.

    Some check box options might be unavailable. Normally, this is because your user account is not associated with a project that has full rights to use certain licensed products, which can include different deployment platforms.


    To install platform-specific offline SDK documentation, select the SDK package as well as one or more licensed platforms. After the installation is complete, separate .chm files for each platform are available on the Wwise page in the Launcher, in the documentation menu next to the installed version of Wwise (refer to Wwise).

  7. Click Next. The plug-in selection page opens.

    This page lists all of the optional plug-ins developed by Audiokinetic and its partners. Next to the plug-in name is the developer name. If the plug-in requires an additional license to be published in-game, a "premium" icon appears next to the developer name (plug-ins are free to use within the authoring tool). Each plug-in includes a description and a version number. There is also a More Info list where you can click:

    • More Info to go to the website overview of the plug-in.

    • Online Documentation to go to the online plug-in-specific documentation, if applicable.

    • For all plug-ins that you want to install, click anywhere on the plug-in to select the check box in the upper-right corner (plug-ins that were previously installed display Installed instead of the check box.) The plug-in outline turns blue.

      For more information about plug-ins, including Community and Partner plug-ins, refer to Installing Plug-ins.

  8. Click Install. Wwise and all other selected components are installed.

    If Unity or Unreal Engine is installed on your system, the Launcher automatically detects them and prompts you to integrate Wwise with their respective projects. After the Wwise installation is complete, the Launcher displays buttons that you can click to open the correct page for Integrating Wwise into an Unreal Engine Project or Integrating Wwise into a Unity Project:

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