Unreal Engine

Refresh: Click to refresh the project list. Each project is listed with its Unreal Engine version and its Wwise version.

Open Other: Opens a system file browser to open a project not listed here.


  • Demo Game: Select from a list of Wwise versions, which opens the system file browser for you to specify the location to save that version of the Wwise Demo Game. This project can serve as a tutorial.

  • Offline integration files: Opens the DOWNLOAD INTEGRATION FILES page. See Using Offline Files to Install Unity or Unreal Integrations.

  • Wwise Integration to use as an engine plug-in: Opens the DOWNLOAD WWISE UNREAL INTEGRATION ENGINE PLUG-IN page.

Upgrade Wwise in Project: See Upgrading or Modifying an Integration Package.

Open in Unreal Engine: Click to open in Unreal Engine.

Open in Wwise: Click to open in Wwise.

Click to view the full paths of the Unreal Engine and Wwise projects.

See Integrating Wwise into an Unreal Engine Project for more details about this page and the Wwise Unreal Integration.

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