Working with Multiple Versions of the Wwise SDK

When you install a new version of the SDK, the new installation overwrites the WWISESDK environment variable that identifies the SDK location. As a result, projects from older versions that use this variable will no longer use their corresponding SDK versions. To solve this problem, you must set the environment variable based on the version that you want to use. You can do this in one of the following ways:

  • Windows only: Use the Launcher to set the environment variables for you. This is the easiest method.

    1. On the Wwise page, locate the version of Wwise that you want to use with the SDK.

    2. In the Settings menu, click Set Environment Variables. A confirmation dialog opens.

    3. Click Yes.

  • Use an existing build script to set the path correctly before the build starts.

  • Set the environment variable in the command prompt before you run the build tool.

The WWISEROOT environment variable identifies the main installer folder (for example C:\Program Files\Audiokinetic\Wwise v2015.1 build XXXX\). It can be used, for example, by tools or scripts that run WwiseConsole.exe to build SoundBanks.

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