Wwise Versioning

The Wwise versioning system uses the YEAR.MAJOR.MINOR.BUILD format, for example 2019.2.15.7618. It might be necessary to migrate projects when you update your Wwise version, depending on the changes between the versions. The YEAR.MAJOR and the MINOR versions are especially important:

  • (YEAR.MAJOR) Major Release: A difference in the major version indicates that there might be major breaking changes such as the removal or modification of APIs, as well as the introduction of major new features and changes to existing features. Backward compatibility, therefore, cannot be guaranteed. The YEAR is only included in the version number to improve readability. Indexing for the MAJOR part starts at 1, for example 2018.1, 2018.2, 2019.1, and so on. When you open a project that was saved in a previous major version of Wwise, it is automatically updated to the latest version. After the project is updated, you cannot open it with a previous major version.

  • (MINOR) Minor Release: A difference in the minor version indicates that the versions are interchangeable. API remains fully backward compatible. Changes in minor versions include bug fixes and minor API additions. Indexing for the MINOR part starts at 0, for example 2018.1.0, 2018.1.1, 2018.1.2, and so on. No migration is necessary when you open a project that was saved in the same major version.

We recommend that you always update to the latest minor version. This version is always the most stable version because it contains all existing bug fixes for the corresponding major version. It also does not interrupt your usage of the Wwise SDK and Wwise authoring application (including the Wwise Authoring API). Support for new platform SDKs are also provided in minor versions, so it is likely required to ship products for these platforms. The various formats that Wwise uses are compatible across minor versions:

  • Soundbanks (not necessary to regenerate or redeploy)

  • Work Unit files

  • Wwise SDK API

  • Wwise Authoring API (WAAPI)

  • Plug-ins

Because products that share the same major version are interchangeable, you can use the Wwise authoring application to profile games that were built with a different minor version of the SDK. Similarly, banks generated with an earlier or later minor version are compatible within the same major version.

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