Enjoy real-time and seamless connection between Nuendo 7 or its later versions and Wwise, via the Game Audio Connect feature. Steinberg Nuendo offers utmost compatibility, flexibility and the richest feature set for sound creation, composing, dialog recording, mixing and middleware interaction.

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The #1 Choice For Game Audio

  • Premier solution for sound creation, composing, dialog recording, mixing and middleware interaction
  • Perfectly suited for sound designers, composers, foley artists and mixers
  • Most comprehensive feature set for audio-to-picture work
  • Used at major game facilities worldwide

Game Audio Connect

  • Game Audio Connect: Direct connection between Nuendo and Wwise
  • Drag-and-drop audio files directly toward Wwise
  • Recall a Nuendo project instantly by a right-click on the respective audio asset in Wwise
  • Export a free selection of audio files to a disk destination including many individual options

More Features For Creative Work

  • Automatic Dialog Recording (ADR) system for recording voice and performing language dubbing
  • MediaBay manages your audio and media files efficiently, including search functions
  • More than 70 effect plug-ins for sound manipulation plus virtual instruments
  • A multitude of editing features, surround-mixing tools, and a flexible project structure

Quality Meets Flexibility

  • Award-winning 32-bit floating-point audio engine guaranteeing the best audio quality
  • Available on Mac and PC, free choice of audio hardware interfaces
  • Highly flexible and individually configurable user interface
  • Broad range of hardware controllers available for convenient work