atmoky Ears is the one stop solution for rendering hyper-realistic spatial audio experiences to headphones. It provides an unparalleled combination of perceptual quality and efficiency, whilst getting the best out of every spatial audio mix. atmoky Ears puts the listener first and offers a patented perceptual optimization. For those who want to squeeze out the very last drop of performance from their devices, atmoky Ears delivers that boost that makes the difference.

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Perceptually Optimized Binaural Rendering

  • By including a perception model in the optimization process, atmoky Ears achieves minimum coloration and maximum immersion. This is essential when incorporating head movements or sources moving around a listener.
  • atmoky Ears will get the most out of your mix and for the spatial resolution or channel configuration you choose.

Externalization Booster

  • When using headphones, no room - means - no reflections - means - no perceived distance - means - no externalization. Thus, atmoky Ears comes with an externalizer that gives you that out-of-the-head experience.
  • All settings are adjustable in real time so you may use it in a more creative way and play with distance impressions.

Personalized Experiences

  • People have diverse preferences, strengths, and are of different shapes. This individuality matters when it comes to spatial audio. Thus, atmoky Ears includes rendering optimizations for children, teens, and adults.
  • With its personalization, atmoky Ears is the optimal solution for educational games or VR-based anxiety therapies across all ages.

Most Efficient Rendering in Town

  • atmoky Ears offers optimal perceptual quality at minimal computational effort by design.
  • For those who want to squeeze out the last drop of their devices, a performance mode is included that makes the rendering twice as efficient.

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Versions & platforms

This plug-in is compatible with the following Wwise versions: 2019.2.10 and later

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