Altiverb IRs is a library of 49 game-centric impulse responses provided by Audio Ease, for use with the Wwise Convolution plug-in. Craft realistic environments that elevate the game experience. From streets, alleys, parks and forests, to business and domestic settings, Audio Ease has been traveling the world to record the acoustics of familiar spaces and less familiar environments.

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Outdoor Streets and Alleys

  • Recorded late on a cold windless night in February
  • No leaves rustling, and no animals or people around
  • Recordings allow you to immerse players 'outside'

Business, Park and Domestic Set

  • Contains Outdoor Impulse Responses from streets, alleys and a tunnel
  • Features small rooms, including living rooms, bathrooms, a classroom, an attic and study rooms


  • Features cars ranging from the small Volkswagen Beetle to mini-vans like the Peugeot Partner; includes both front and back seat recordings in some cases
  • Includes the Sikorski Helicopter and the Blue Angel train

Forest Set

  • Recorded in the forest of Austerlitz, part of a national park on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug in The Netherlands; this forest has a large variety of trees and is home to deers and birds
  • Fun Fact: This is where Napoleon decided to settle his army!

Preview list of available Altiverb IRs

  • Domestic
    • Attic_01
    • Attic_02
    • Bathroom
    • Bedroom
    • Classroom
    • Corridor
    • Allway
    • LivingRoom_01
    • LivingRoom_02
    • SchoolHall
    • Staircase
  • Misc
    • FireDepartment
  • Outdoor Alley
    • Alley_Intemate
    • LongDeepAlly
    • NarrowShortAlley
  • Outdoor Field
    • DistantBuiding_MicsClose
    • DistantBuiding_MicsFar
  • Outdoor Forest
    • CloseEcho
    • ComplexDistantEcho
    • ComplexEcho
    • DistantEcho
    • DistantSlaps
    • EquallySpacedEchoes
    • LongAndComplex
    • LongNoEchoes
    • LoudEcho
    • OpenShortTwoEchoes
    • OpenThreeEchoes
    • PheeeewEcho_01
    • PheeeewEcho_02
    • SlapsEchoClose
    • SmoothIntimate
    • TwoFarBuildings
    • WideEcho
    • WideWithCars
  • Outdoor Tunnel
    • Tunnel
  • Transport
    • Beetle
    • Ford_TransitVanRear
    • Helicopter_Sikorski
    • Honda_Element
    • Honda_ElementReae
    • Peugeot_PartnerBackClosed
    • Peugeot_PartnerFront
    • Train_BlueAngel

Pricing for games

Indie (Level A)
Pro (Level B)
Premium (Level C)
First platform
Extra Platforms (each)
* Requires Wwise Convolution Reverb
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Versions & platforms

This plug-in is compatible with the following Wwise versions: 2010.2 to 2022.1

This plug-in runs on the following platforms.

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